Ablach Aeon nae finished half ARSED REVIEW ERK, HANG FIRE…

yah, this is a pretty good cd. It’s what i would call grindcore or death metal, God knows what made up genre it would fall into nowadays though. Maybe gailic grind-crust or something. These guys are pretty much standard-what-you-would-expect from this kind of music- twin guitars, ultra fast drums, twin vocals: one high pitched and a bit constipated sounded and tit other low and a bit serious. Actually the lower voice reminds me a bit of early Carcass- and thats going back a few years. Now and again Ablach stop battering you around the head with savage blast beats and fizzy guitar clutter and lock into a pretty good groove- which i like, ideally in a couple of cd’s time they will have underwent an Entombed type transformation and reveal thier version of gailic death n’ roll….
I’m going to finish this later, i was fiddling with my bellybutton just then and my arse has just fallen off…

this cd is available as a pay what the fuck you like version ( seeing a lot of that lately i am, particularly after i have paid money over, ach, I’m grumpy as fuck all day long…)

they also have the usual facebook and myspace pages, well worth a listen and a look.


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