Summer Holidays Notes 7

Summer Holiday Notes 7 : Reckon this should be episode 7, but the broadband’s died at Glenburn so I can’t check the last entry for sure…

Well now, Its Tuesday the 22nd of June. The year is twenty ten. Today, is me and the long suffering wife’s first wedding anniversary. No ceremony was held, we didn’t mourn. We’re that kind of people- we move on, regardless of the horrors we have seen. Those Horrors include Paris by the way, we never forget the outrages of Paris, the wound is scabbing over nicely but we both like to pick at it occasionally. That yellow, purplish scurl still provokes hurt and outrage.
There was talk of going out for a meal tonight- but enthusiasm was low. There are no real good places to eat in Huntly/Dufftown/etc- apart from the hotels and shitty pizza/ fish and chip joints. And we’re a classy outfit. Quite snobby with it as well.
Last night I got pretty tipsy on the red wine. I bought the red wine in Huntly Tesco’s- where, dreary reader you will know doubt be fucking astounded at the fact that the “three for a tenner” rule is still in action. Great stuff, ICELAND in tha’ Woodside hood have switched to three for twelve quid which just sounds wrong.
Before getting hammered I had done the usual- signed up to Aberdeen-Music again with good, noble intentions. I had initially limited my interaction to the “For sale” section of the forum, really just trying to find homes for my Fostex digital 8 track, and old analogue reel to reel 8 track. But….
There’s something about that site, it’s alluring…Its very hard to avoid spouting cuntish shite- there’s something so small minded and conservative about the majority of the more vocal posters. Dunno, Its changed a lot in the last five years- become more of a verbal jousting competition- not much character or actual music discussion going on.
So I started a thread putting the digital 8-track, then got sucked in a bit- eventually posting my rant about Union Terrace Gardens on the Peacock visual arts thread- which has been running for yonks- pretty much since they got funding for the arts centre proposal. Checking the dashboard stat’s of Seagulls Circle my Corpse shows that it’s had a lot of hits, which is pleasing to me- I really want to get my message out there and in peoples speak holes and think boxes…..but I’m limiting my involvement to that I reckon….cant see the point in getting into a pissing contest with a bunch of internet addicts.
The one thing I miss about A.M is folk like Alan Davidson ( recording and releasing under the KITCHEN CYNIC’s moniker) a great local musician and prolific releaser of cd-r’s and tapes…the other stuff I don’t miss is the pissy, glib grammar and spelling correction- which in no way stimulates or contributes to debate at all……On Aberdeen- Music there’s a lot of that. It’s also pretty much male orientated, a lot of cock and football talk- not really for me. I reckon a lot of the alpha-cyber-males on said site have a lot of issues to work through….One guy that has quite a heavy rep on the site threatened to tape his hand to his cock and fist/Cock rape someone- it was all matey banter but it’s pretty witless stuff…Lads will be lad’s I suppose- that’s cool in real life, but on the internet the “lads” under the user names and avatars are usually actually socially inadequate specky dorks….well I know a few of them and that’s how it really works- some of them don’t even wear glasses- but they are specky on the inside.
Where was I?, got a teeny weeny bit sidetracked there…Today was another good day out in the sticks, we had a lot of fun, the bairn seems to be enjoying having a lot more people around. He, like me it would seem needs a lot of input. He likes stuff, anything new- at the moment it’s visual and textural- anything that’s new to him gets lots of baby gurgles- like Darren and Petra’s newly hatched chickens- he loves that. He likes it here I think, all the green stuff- the tree’s leaves and shit. Loves it big style. McMonster does not however like the periodic flyovers of military aircraft…the noise produces instant bottom lip down screaming: which is the highest level of infant displeasure.
I’m getting so into the holiday mood that I’m actually starting to feel more like myself- a lot has happened this year, and I’m taking stock: the whole birth-death cycle. Hmmmm.
He’s growing up fast McKenzie, I’ve noticed a lot of development in the last week or so- and I’m really glad to be here and see it.
Right, what else?- oh aye- after selling my huge, heavy, but thunderously bassy mixing desk on e-bay ( getting picked up in the am by parcelfarce the morn) I bought a Fostex 308s on ebay, as part of my “lets get rid of a lot of shite and get more done in the long run” project- I was pretty happy with the purchase- for fifty quid including postage I thought I had bought a cassette based 4-track capable of tracking 4 channels simultaneously, plus with two XLR inputs thrown in. ( fair enough no phantom power, but I can live without that shit.) turns out that the woman that was selling it neglected to mention that all the innards of said gear had been removed by her brother for some unknown reason.
I quote-
“Dear jobbiejabber1982,

Unknown to me, my brother had opened up the fostex unit and removed components from it some time ago. It had been in the garage for years, so I have refunded ur £50-00 via paypal. I can only apologise for this, I really thought it was complete, it was only when I mentioned it had sold that he said he had basically wrecked it and that it cannot be sent out in that condition.
I have given u good feedback.
– emmapcp”

Close call, anyway got a refund etc— cant decide now on four track or stupid audio interface for the laptop- I’m probably going to continue haunting e-bay for the right model of Tascam or Fostex.
Right. Yeah, I’m getting bored now…today was along day………………… folks are going off with the Caravan the morn so maybe in the evenings after the bairn is down for the night I might get some songs written- have guitar and notepad all ready….

who knows, everyday is a whining road.



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