Summer Holiday Notes 9

Erses. This is Saturday the 26th of June.
Shite on a stick, here we go again. Woke up about eleven, I’m good at sleeping me, it’s one of my core skills. Like flinging shit at Hippies or killing prostitutes now come on admit it they are just meat. Finished off some stories, and Idea blasts last night.
Also for the first time ever I did the lottery, if I do win the four million I’ll take it as a sign from the ancient elder God’s and buy that house down the road. Probably should have made some sort of sacrifice to seal the deal, but there you go. Short on time around here as always.
We all like it out here, I can see us moving out to the country in ten years, if I ever get my shit together. Maybe have a music studio and work with just bands I like, big room sounds all done in one take, all under dubs done ad-hoc and pissed. Yeah well, we can all dream.
Just after I had woken up I was parked in the living room of Glenburn chillin’ with the kid on my knee he was bouncing and giggling, shouting and doing rounds of “da-da-dahs” while I watched the BBC 24 news channel some shit in Cornwall about soldiers on parade- the reporter standing on a box, getting all lairy and sluttish with a trooper in a Bearskin outfit. Disgusting to watch, not the kind of behaviour I would expect from a BBC reporter really. Kind of Klarty.

So aye, I was chillin’ and shit then I heard voices. My old mate Bev had turned up with his No:2 sprog, we had a bit of a yap, some things never change, he’s just the same- we’re both just older. Anyhow, he was off for taking his kid up to the farm to see the Zoo and getting shot of his car on Darren and Petra. ETC.
Later in the afternoon we all piled into the car to go to Dufftown to do some vital supplies booze, nappies and fags.
We battered about Dufftown, It is REALLY clean- totally spick and span- went to the Co-op and saw my Aunty Libby- she works there, she was blethering to wee McKenzie- he seemed to like it.
Went home via the Cabrach. Ace country, lots of hills, rolling Glenns and greenery. Went for a pish by the road and had a smoke. Nice.
We get home, and chill mair. The bairn wont go to sleep- but it’s nae so bad- he’s a right wee laugh- bouncing up and down on my leg giggling and saying “da-da-dah”. He eventually goes down about nine.
DRN/PET-RAH are down for tea, we all blether- it’s fun. Lindsey gets her fix of T.V.

Thats it.

I did a fair bit of mixing today: Heres a song:
frayed around the edges acoustic. 2010



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