Summer Holiday notes 10

Sunday 27th June

Dont worry, I’ve not gone mental. In this picture I’m practicing the ancient rural art of Teeht-Bo*, the weaponry is optional. More about that later on.
More holiday action, now then……
Today, for a jaunt we went up to Wall ‘A Kirk. It’s a graveyard. I like graveyards. Theres a few really good ones in Aberdeen- a LOT of granite. You can Imagine. This particular Graveyard is special to me because my Grandmother on my mother’s side is interred there.

I was thinking to myself while wandering among all the gravestones taking pictures, just how many life stories were here , literally buried. Somebody should do a series of books on the subject: small picturesque graveyards mind, nae those giant ones like in Aberdeen. Lots of pictures, a bit of “Who do you think you are” research and a smattering of anecdotes. I’d buy it, well I probably wouldn’t, but I would certainly take the pay check for writing it. One of the more interesting monuments in the Wall ‘a Kirk graveyard besides my relatives is a massive walled crypt. Did a bit of digging on that, on the internet not at the tomb, I thing that kind of thing is illegal. Even that started to sound very interesting the more I researched.

Ideas man, lots of them and so little time!

Thats it.


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