Summer Holiday Notes 12

Catch up time I reckon. Nae much happening out here really, which is the way I like it. Tuesday and Wednesday ambled slowly past just taking their damn sweet time. The new arrivals had to go down to the vets for worming and the like. Then we just pootered about.

I suppose I should be getting that sickly dread feeling of “Oh God, I’m going to have to go back to work next week”, but it’s not really kicked in yet. I’ll give it a few more days. There’s still Saturday’s lotto draw! Hargh!
We went on up to the farm this evening to check the beasts, the ducks are getting really big very quickly they’ve already started to develop little characters the big yellow one I can tell is going to be trouble.
We hung out at the Penthouse for a while with DRN and PET-RAH, tell you fit; that is one chic pad.

Right that’s it,
I’m away to type up my report for NASA.



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