I’m having nae luck with e-bay at the moment.Numb fingers.

A while ago I “Won” the auction for a wee 4 track cassette recorder mixer thing, as part of my downsizing and uncluttering of my home recording stuff. Turns out I won an empty plastic box.

“Dear jobbiejabber1982,

Unknown to me, my brother had opened up the fostex unit and removed components from it some time ago. It had been in the garage for years, so I have refunded ur £50-00 via paypal. I can only apologise for this, I really thought it was complete, it was only when I mentioned it had sold that he said he had basically wrecked it and that it cannot be sent out in that condition.
I have given u good feedback.
– emmapcp”

It worked out okay in the end though, the seller was pretty honest and refunded me.

In another episode-

Dear Mr Farquar. I have just received a phone call from a chap in Blackpool saying that he was now the proud owner of a box of SF books that he had just received via courier! Now, these are the books I mailed to you over a week ago, which have had a new incorrect address label stuck over yours!
I am now trying to arrange for the courier to go back to Blackpool to pick the books up and then forward them to you.
I’m sorry about all this confusion and sincerly hope you receive your books as soon as possible.
Sorry again

I’m sure it will work out.

In other news:

My two fingers still feel funny. Might have to go to the Doctor’s at some point…

We had a repair bloke round to install a new satellite dish, he fitted it. Then came inside to drill holes for the cable in the floor. I was feeding the wee monster, and the bloke ( Glaswegian ) says “div ye wint tae cover the wee mans ears this is quite loud”

so I takes him through to the bedroom and keep on feeding him, he cant concentrate because of the noise. It’s pretty loud even through there.

After a couple of minutes the drilling has stopped, and he seems to be finished- so I come back through to the living room and sit down to feed him by the dining table. Then out of the blue more drilling, no warning at all. The wee man goes mental, don’t know if he’s suffered hearing damage- but he seemed to be fine upstairs- tried various noises to get his attention and he seemed fine. I’m going to keep checking on him- and get him a hearing test.

See if he’s broken?- the Glaswegian’s getting sued. The onus of health and safety was on him.



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