Facebook suicide- the bloody fall-out and carnage

Okay, I admit it- the title is mis-leading. I didn’t kill myself on facebook, not live streaming video suicide- that would be cool!
I just tried to leave. The problem was that Facebook didn’t seem to like that. I tried to delete my account, there was no option to do that. Cunts. I gathered pretty quickly that it’s possible to “suspend” a facebook account, but really in my mood at the time that was no FUCKING use.
Yeah, whatever.
I’m done with facebook. It’s fucking BORING.
That, was a pretty good rant as rant’s go. I’ve been browsing various stories and articles on the internet regarding face book suicide. It would appear that it’s a popular activity. My reasons for going were not as intellectual or well thought out as most of the more famous facebook suicides. Apparently, for one woman in a Sunday Times article facebook was becoming corrosive for her current relationship- ex-fuckee’s were looking her up and exchanging gash, psueudo flirty messages- in full view of her partner at the time.
Which I think is pretty bad form- even for a woman. It is possible not to accept new friend requests of FB- it’s also possible to delete friends. Not a lot of people seem to figure this out. Most people are pretty stupid.
Facebook for me just became a bore- I’m not a people person, and a couple of folk on facebook just made me want to eat my own shit. Not actual friends of course- but those kind of folk that have a tenuous ill-defined connection to you. Bad scene. Boring scene.
Some of them- not the folk I actually see in real life just became incredibly, irrationally irritating. The constant barrage of inane self-obsessed bullshit.
Can live without.



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