Maud ‘dib 7-7-2005-the ripple effect. Hilarious goofball video barf.

I’m not the biggest conspiracy nut in the world, like a lot of people I imagine I tend to take internet only video sensations at face value, they are usually crap. Loose Change ( covering the 9/11 alternate theory) made me giggle a bit- just because of the narration- I just imagined these dope smoking American rich dicks wasting their dad’s money- that super baked stoner drawl obscured any real information that film tried to put across for me.

“Whoooooaaaaa dude and lets watch that shot agaaainn, in ultra slow motion, uhhhhhhh-wowsers, yeah?”

I’m fussy. Loose Change is worth a watch though- just make up your own mind.

Far worthier is David Ray Griffin’s 9/11: A New Pearl Harbour. Yes, that’s right a BOOK. How archaic.

He slays Loose Change et al – he can write, is an academic so he uses various sources and weighs things up- and crucially lists his sources. He also has foot-notes and end-notes AND a bibliography. He is therefore a righteous dude.

The tattie munching mad-as-a-biscuit-barrel fucknut who calls himself maud ‘dib is a different kettle of fish altogether:

I feel sorry for maud ‘dib, if he does end up in prison I hope a nice friendly chap takes him under his wing and allows the small one safety in his tribe- uh. Go stilgar.

His key piece of evidence (if repetition equals importance) is the registration number of a certain London bus…and the significance of a poster on said Bus is a revelation of dope-smoking paranoia…

So aye,

Watch this video, it’s REALLY funny.


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