Always check your bag

Today I was sloppy. Getting out of the house in the morning is usually a close run thing. I’ve a lot to get done. If I awake on schedule it’s still a race against time. I have to have a coffe and a fag, gather my thoughts etc. Standing outside smoking is a good chance to try and gauge the state of the coming days weather conditions- It’s hard to tell, as many a conversation through the average day testifies. Usually I get it pretty much right, sometimes escalating layers up to hat and gloves. If I’m lucky I even manage to remember my ipod.
Today though I didn’t even check my bag, I just assumed. Chucked in a few apples and oranges and buggered off out the door.

The day rolled on, lunchtime hit. Usually I have a coffe and a couple of bits of fruit- just to keep the edge. Today coffe made, I pulled my second hand UCAS hold-all/ man-bag from the locker and was hit by an odd mouldy smell.
I opened it and discovered the grim truth. On friday I forgot to eat that orange and over the weekend it had turned into a green and yellow puffball.


The puffball made me sneeze a lot, all afternoon in fact.
I’ve probably got mouldy lungs now….

I really have to be more alert.

I’d include a photo but the situation is just too disgusting….



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