Bring back dueling…

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I’m out at my folks in the country today- all weekend is the plan. Relaxing, taking time out. The grandparents have taken over the duties of looking after the glorious first born. They get a slew of papers out here, it’s the way of things. The Press and Journal, the Northern Scot, Scot-Ads and the Huntly Squeek. (also known as the Huntly Express in lofty circles).
With a bit of free time I get to creep through the papers, mumbling the words under my breath as I go- sometimes I get stuck on a tricky word, but it being the Press and Journal most of the words are pretty easy. I only get stuck once.
I read this charming story about the usual shit going on in Aberdeen:
“Cretins kick fuck out of bloke in Aberdeen”
I read the proper article in the broadsheet of Aberdeen Journals- the P&J, this web link is from the tabloid wing- The Evening Express- there’s more too the story, but the paragraph from the link neatly sums up the gist of what happened.
It’s the usual for Aberdeen really, a savage assault on a guy minding his own business by a pair of cunts. Having seen a few fights in my time in Aberdeen ( mainly as a gawper ) I can attest to a few common facts: It’s usually at least two against one, it’s usually for no reason, and nine times out of ten when someone hits the deck the pugilist responsible puts the boot in. I mean they kick the person in the head, when they are on the ground. This, apart from being rough as fuck, cuntish, and ungentlemanly behaviour is also really dangerous it can lead to severe life threating head injuries.
So what?
It’s par for the course in Aberdeen, I’d guess it’s pretty similar for most towns and cities around Scotland- and the U.K generally. You could blame the binge drinking alchohol culture, but for me it’s about the decay of the class system and a general distortion of expectations among the great unwashed.

Possible pre-emptive strategies to prevent random violence on the streets:

For other proposed solutions, have a look at the tags on this post. The jist of it is public punishment- probably somewhere like the Castlegate down the bottom of union street by Archies. Add a pinch of Russian Roulette. You get the picture….




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