DROSS are a band from Aberdeen. Aberdeen is a dump in my opinion, hardly any bands from this ugly city ever reflect the depressing atmosphere of this place. Bleak, empty and corrosive: DROSS come close- and when they get a proper Record together I hope they will fufill thier promise. DROSS are pretty heavy, this happens a lot round this town. Aberdeen has alot of shit metal/hardcore bands- like rubbish School bands eeking a living out of internet messageboard goodwill and fuckwittish backslapping. Metal bands mostly are gash, thankfully DROSS are shot-through with contradictions, and a pinch of hardcore, punk, 80’s post punk and the better half of the 90’s Grunge explosion. On one hand DROSS should never work, but for me- the fact they are odd is a bonus- it makes life all the more interesting. Fatal flaws to one man are another man’s magnet.
Everycunt needs to move on.

DROSS use block caps, that’s the typographic equivalent of shouting, which- If you listen to the band is entirely appropriate. DROSS are cunting loud, which if you are a real man is how you should like your rock music served.

This review covers recordings released via bandcamp for zero money. This is a good decision by the band, because from an audio point of view this release is a tad on the lo-fi side. It’s a practice room recording- according to my source within the band it was produced via six mic’s to a P.A and then reduced via the shit digital domain to a laptop. Gadz. Makes me sick. Still the band come through with points, recording wise it’s shit- the drums are in the background, way in the background which is a shame because everyone knows drums are the root of all rock bands. Everything else is out of the mix- the key elements are there- the rythm guitar is there but it needs to be doubled and thickened- but that’s a production issue- I’ve every confidence given time, money and ample gig’s under the belt experience these guy’s will eventually issue a killer cd.

Five tracks:

I got sent a home recorded version of this a while ago- done at the main guitar players house I reckon-generally to rustle up interest in his songs and to tempt other musicians onboard the good ship DROSS.. with programmed drums and bullish guitars. This tune has a killer riff- reminds me a bit of Unsane or good era Helmet. Grinding and slow- but very catchy. Since then the band have expanded adding real drums, which is much better than computer drums. and a batshit mentalist stunt guitar player that does mightily mental guitar noise blasts. Oh, and a vocalist. Mostly in my experience “Stunt” guitar players are a pain in the arse- they make noises because they cant be arsed playing along with the main rythim guitar, but as well as going off at eyebrow raising sonic tangents Jan slides back in to hold the sound down. Very good. I’m basing my opinions on “Stunt” guitar players entirely on my previous conduct making daft noises over the top of average music that I couldn’t be arsed learning to play.
Anyway- allthough (I’ve mentioned this) this is a rough demo the transition is huge from that initial demo, and even though when I saw them live I wasnae that impressed with the singing- it works great on this, really fits well. Possibly the vocals were mixed way to loud at that gig I went to. Possibly I was just being a dick. Fuck it.

Another catchy as fuck jaunty riff drives this one, with chiming guitar harmonics- imagine a jesus lizard riff played through a heavier distortion pedal, or a more chirpy take on the debut icarus line cd. It’s good, gets a bit Smashing Pumpkin’s with those blustery octave chords in the middle/chorus breaks but I’ll let that slide. Tidy tune.

Onwards and upwards with this ‘een, the pace is ratcheted up with another sludgy riff- nice breakdowns. Fuck knows who it sounds like…..I hear a bit off latter period Fudge Tunnel but my ears are fucked….

Blah Blah Blah Blah. Aye this is a belter. I wisnae wrong about the Fudge Tunnel comparison. I miss Fudge Tunnel, they were fucking great.

This one reminds me a bit of Barkmarket. They were grand that band, especially for being on a major label – they didn’t seem to get just louder, they had sonic girth- they got wider and louder. The band attempt the dreaded “post rock” coda towards the end of this song, nae bad like. They pull it off with dignity.
Right I’m getting bored now. Not of the music, it’s good- just writing about it. Thats a bore.
Tell you what if you’ve made it this far through my ramblings well done. There’s a link at the bottom of the page for the download/stream- hit that up. I’m off for a coffe and a fag.




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