This frozen North……


See this, It’s cold. It took me until around ten this morning to really de-frost. All day Saturday I was whinging and complaining about being cold. That’s the conditions at work for you, absolutely freezing- no heating in the warehouse, It’s actually warmer with the back door open. Really.
I suppose I should just get a thermometer and find out what the legal issues are regarding working in low temperatures. You can imagine how far I would get following that tack.
Nae chance.
It was so cold on Saturday night the very thought of making it out of the house for the work x-mas piss-up filled me with dread. I thought about it for ten minutes or so then decided against braving the cold. I eventually settled for the classic “Who dares wins” on DVD.
Yeah, bullshit.
Doubt I missed much of note really. Just the usual.
In other news I bought the debut CD by Ghosts of Progress off the internets. The postie will probably get snowed in. Shit-wa.



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