a smashing day, or a tragic day….?

a close up. Juddering

I really can’t decide….kicking fuck out of a display stand made me feel a bit better..it was certainly in the smashing category…all day I kept catching a wiff of baby pee- probably should have changed after the wee monster sprung a leak at me…but it was jist so funny….
The day ambled along, kinda lacklustre…..the usual, brain in a low gear…………….then Caledonian Logistics started taking the piss, a delivery due for around two turned up around quarter to five. Barely enough time to get the pallets hauled in before it was time to go home…then the banter from the delivery driver. He’s tragic- I call him the foetus, he looks barely twelve, and twat’s on about the “talent” in Hobbycraft….it’s kinda funny the first time but eventually gets a bit samey…..I really wish I could tick a box that would remove the banter function from certain delivery guys…some are funny, on my wavelength. Others I could do with tuning out.
Really need to sort it out I suppose, the path is obvious- if we move to Australia I’ll need a skill- otherwise I’ll be working the same job but sunburned. Another year at uni should fix it, maybe two.
History teacher? Graphic Designer? Maverick?

anyway, what with this mornings rush to get to the Doctors and all that at least I got hold of that package of printer ink- so now I can scan…..I’ve started adding some goofy drawings from the last ring binder I filled.

I’m off to try and finish a story.



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