The Remote Part.

Lindsey's Yorkshire Puddings: Awesome stuff...
Life is full of small drama’s. The latest has been brewing for a while, chiefly the glorious first born’s violent assault on the PVR remote. That was funny, but has become Tragic very quickly.
It’s amusing how the bairn mimics us- he likes to pick up the various remote controls and point it adult style- a deft wee flick of the wrist and a serious expression, just like the wife.
He also likes to chuck them about. So last week he lobbed the main remote- the one for the Freesat HDR box and he damaged it. It works but you have to bash it to get a response.
It’s not really bothering me much, but it’s driving the wife mad. T.V is very important to her.
We tried to round up a replacement on Sunday, a couple of calls ascertained that Comet/Curries didn’t stock them or anything compatible. I suggested Maplin, jist cause they are pretty good- the monkey on the phone said they did stock a remote that would work.
When we got there we discovered they didn’t really have a compatible remote. Dicks. Still, I was fascinated by the giant jumbo multi-remote that they had. Really goofy looking.

I ended up trying e-bay, and given a bit of luck the replacement Humax remote I won for a fiver ( P&P included) should do the job. They are 30 bucks new. Sheesh!

That’s about it. I’m busy you see.
Apart from this Doll that I spotted at work- I think it looks like that Miranda woman from that Miranda TV show.

Miranda doll, bare with..bare with..., it's what I call a Doll...etc



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