The Session Pro Scandal: or how I cant be arsed…

Even the session pro logo just oozes quality. They were (and possibly still are for all I know) a budget musical kit manufacturer, they also made drum kits, cause my brother has one. I cant comment on the quality of the drum stuff but Darrens kit sounded good- big full-sized shells etc. The bass I had was a rip-off of the Fender precision bass minus the third pick-up. Apparently they are well respected and piss all over the budget fender squires. Mind you? what does it all matter….

session pro bass in action. Jazzmaster sleeping on the floor. Pink-room action.

More than a year ago on this here blog I wrote the following-

BREAKING NEWS: My classy “session pro” bass guitar which I’ve had for around 15 years or more and never, ever changed the strings has finally died. The jack imput has been crackly and slightly tempramental for the last 7 or 8 years, so i reckon i might have to get the soldering iron out. Fucking STAND BACK!

That was back in January 2010….check the post here.

Well, well min.
Tonight at work after a long-hard day and purchasing a soldering Iron I decided to try and repair my trusty bass. I rummaged about looking for my multi handle man knife, it’s great- it has loads of them little hex/Allen key fittings and blades plus a fantastic little red LED light…. it’s really handy if you are struggling to get cable ties around a unconcious victims wrists in the dark….fuck I can imagine we’ve all been there…
All I needed it for was the little cross headed screwdriver fitting to get the scratch plate off the bass and see what was going on inside.

Bass is right easy to play, for a start it's got less strings. dunk-dunky-dunk. I can play "Kill the sexplayer" by GVSB on bass all the way through!

I swore a fair bit , as you can imagine I’m a David not a Dave- so I’m nae that handy with screws and all that electrical caperage- I can however do basic stuff like wiring a plug. I’m just not going on about it like it’s a degree level skill.
So suck that up James May.
I eventually got the scratchplate off enough to peek inside to the wiring by the jack socket, turns out that there was no loose connections that I could see. There was a funny metal thing that looked a bit bent, as far as I could figure it made contact with the guitar lead, or should have done since it was a bit bent. I bent it back to where I thought it should be, then screwed the plate back on.
And now it works fine.

A year.
What a lummox.



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