Find your cave: shelf Jenga and the talisman

The weekly round-up. and well done Egypt by the way, I’m so glad they didn’t wreck the Pyramids I fancied going to see them one day. Dont they all look a bit shifty though?…..You can understand why Indiana Jones didn’t trust them…all that eyeliner….about the only good thing that comes out of this whole of this situation is that maybe, somewhere along the line those Palestinian chap’s will get a fairer shake of a shit coated stick. Those Israeli’s are fucking shitting themselves right about now- and rightly so……..History has a way of sorting itself out….

Out in the Country
A weekend out at Glenburn. Good stuff. We made it out around Saturday lunch time, eventually- after loads of fucking about they all buggered off to Huntly for food supplies and Denby sideplates (?) so I went for a walk. I don’t get to walk properly nowadays, dear reader. I don’t really mind that much. I’m not some greased up protein shake guzzling homo, staring alternately at myself in a mirror in a gym and posters of Gerard Butler in 300 dreaming of a “ripped” physique.. I’m just the kind of cunt that likes to walk. I need time to think clearly.Eventually, if we do go to OZ to live I’ll buy a dog, that’s two fucking hours of walking ring-fenced and guaranteed right there. Indisputable semi-solitary time. You dig? Time to ponder, proper dead time. Etc.
Anyhow, walking in the country is better. It’s a fucking fact. I walk to and fro work, up George Street etc- but it’s not fun, people get in my way- either walking to fucking slow or too fucking fast. I can’t get a rhythm…the older I get the more I realise I’m a rural type of guy…..
So aye, I started off thinking that I would toddle around the boundaries of my dad’s farm- out of the house and over the fence- follow the wee burn as it snaked down the hill. I was going to check in by the waterfall… I didnae bother- everything looks smaller and less interesting now. I’m getting older, everything is less grand in scale. It’s not a surprise. I didn’t take a detour- just followed the lay of the land- roughly tracing the valley. Eventually I arrived at the edge of Dads land, which is marked by a small plantation of evergreen fir trees. I remember him planting them. A couple were used as Christmas trees. They are way too big for that now. I have sharp eyes, just inside the copse of tree’s I spotted items- a bag op crushed Stella cans, plastic bags. I wandered in an found a pig’s head- no doubt rotting out for the bones. nice.

perambulation - a walk around a territory (a parish or manor or forest etc.) in order to officially assert and record its boundaries walk - the act of walking somewhere; "he took a walk after lunch"

The Talisman

the talisman:

Shelf Jenga

Shelf 1
Shelf 2

The sale of the century: unprecedented bargains…

Kitty Kitty 1
cats arses. A parade of ceramic rectums.

To Hug or not to Hug: that is the question…


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