Civic responsibility: doing the right thing…etc

SAD FACE: why can't folk just do the right thing and stop being cocks?

Well, well.
I like to think that I’m an average guy. I have a job, not a career- I live month to month. If I’m off sick or whatever I expect fuck all from my employer- they don’t give a shit, and I don’t really expect much of them. I loose the money- it’s part of the game. I suck it up. I’m reasonably well educated, I can handle complex issues- I have an interest in politics- both on the national and local level, I’m fairly well read, I have a kid so I’m interested in the future…..I just think we need real change in this country.
I imagine myself explaining what “Government” is to my son at some time in the future, I think I’ll do okay- the lecture will go a little like this-
“Well Mckenzie, Government is a bit of a mixed bag-it’s a way of deciding how we live. Sometimes it does good things sometimes it makes a cunt of stuff. The Parliament creates laws, they also decide other stuff like how we act towards other countries. The problem is that people in Government are not real people, they are careerists- and they are corrupt and stupid, if not stupid they are short sighted and selfish”…..
Is that too much? He’s only wee…
Every week I watch Question Time on the BBC- I really enjoy it- but the only people I really relate too week on week are the non-politician’s- you know the people on the outside, the people outside the machinery of Westminster, it’s queer- but I can imagine a lot of people feel like me.
Disconnected from the political process.


Most people do give a shit, most people whether or not they really quantify the feeling care about politics. REAL people care about Schools, Healthcare, Libraries, the state of the local road system etc- because it affects them directly. Politics should reflect this….real people should be involved in Politics. It’s not happening though.
Most people give a shit, but can’t be arsed with the bollocks surrounding Politics.

Left wing or Right wing?

It makes no difference.

Party politics is dead.

This is my agenda.
Parliament works like this:

People are selected, roughly similar to jury service- you get a flat rate equal to your current job plus ten grand to cover travel etc. There are no Parties, you just TAKE decisions- and stand by them.


I miss Politicians with real conviction. The state of the nation is what we deserve. I don’t mind if people get it wrong, just as they have the fucking balls to admit and be a fucking man/wo-man about it. Ken fit ah mean ye cunt?

In long conversations in person and via phone I address this with my mother. She is a shrewd brain, and clicks furiously- her tale relates thus-wise….in the olden days local government was run by glorious well appointed local business men. For free, and in their own time.

Nowadays the council is infested with cretins, gimps, and the like…. they seem incapable of taking the right path….

oh well…..

I worry about the world….It seems that the morons are taking over, I can accept that at work because retail requires a special kind of non-personality to succeed- I just worry about the rest of the world.

Anyway, I’ll see you all up at the Glennfiddich lodge up by the Cabrach when the RAGE virus hits…….I’ll feel bad about popping two shots into you (chest first then head) , but that’s life………………so it goes…….(Vonnegut said that a lot)



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