Jazzmaster debacle: and other stuff

Guitars: I tried to cut back but couldn't. ah well. That's life...

It’s certainly windy tonight:
Sunday 13th March 2011- the year of the bell-end. Spot on Kev, etc…..

The Usual: Blacktop Jazzmaster Clusterfuck…..

This will probably end up on my blog. But at the moment the wireless network is down. I know it’s not really down because my phone has no problem connecting to it and getting online. I think that maybe a comprehensive flushing out of Microsoft bloat-ware is in order for the trusty ploptop, in other words a re-install of windows Vista.

This is not unusual. Mostly I find that a re-install sorts things out computer-wise. But, with all that’s going on in my life it’s really hard to get the time to do silly unimportant stuff like that. The ploptop is nearly four years old I think- maybe older, so as far as the lifespan of computer’s go with me that’s pretty good going.

Anyway, where was I?

In Woodside, Aberdeen Scotland that’s where………THE ‘HOOD!—-where spastics knit and dog’s walk on their hind legs……..this is the kind of thing I see everyday, and it’s become common place and unremarkable….FIT-EH?

What’s been going on? Not much really.
I’ve been pretty slack with the upkeep of my blog, dunno why- just don’t have that much to rant about at the moment. Actually that’s bollocks- I have plenty to rant about- it would just make very little sense to type about it here- that would be very imprudent.
I’m still up to the usual stuff. The daily grind has been the same as it ever was- a slow dirge, Like an EARTH song but not nearly as hypnotic or interesting.

I bought a new guitar. I actually ordered it around a month ago but after various problems and promises from Academy of Sound it eventually turned up last Friday. I was at work, and so was the wife. As it happens Davie from next door was on point and signed for it. After getting home and taking the bairn for an impromptu walk up the street and all the rest I managed to get it unpacked and later on in the evening I managed to give it a bit of a thrash through my mini-Marshall stack upstairs in the Pink room.

I was not disappointed:

I was pretty happy with it. It’s a Jazzmaster. One of the new ones- they call them “Jazzmaster Blacktop’s”, essentially it’s a slightly stripped down version of the MIJ/CIJ re-issues- one of which I’ve owned for around seven or eight years. Instead of those brittle and chunky big soap bar pick-ups the Blacktop Jazzmaster comes with less goofy switches, a three way toggle and a big humbucker in the bridge position and a soap bar pick-up at the neck. In theory you should have the best of both worlds.

It sounded great anyway. It still sounded like a Jazzmaster, very individual and cool- but with a lot more rock type gain. In all the years I have been playing my red CIJ Jazzmaster I had very little complaints- it’s taken a lot of punishment, and has a few battle scars from gigs. Sure as fuck it’s not a really ROCK sounding guitar, well not METAL anyway, but I made it work- I pretty much tune down a whole step to D- and tend to pull back on the guitars volume and combine this with various distortion pedals to get a good sound- the clean sound tends to be backed off distortion and the distortion tone is pretty heavy and saturated. Very individual I think. But, what the fuck- guitars are for playing.

It also looked really nice. I have a wee short scale Ibanez Destroyer, which I love- and the new Jazzmaster sounded a bit like that- really heavy but with a lot more character.

So aye, I was chuffed.
Plus it looked fucking awesome. All sun-bursty and neat. Off-set body and shiny!

I eventually got to the point that I wanted to give it a proper test out. Like I was playing a gig or recording. I fucked off next door to the other room to dig out a strap, for proper grown up standing up performance. This is when things started to spiral down hill. It was at that point that I remembered on discovering that there was going to be a bit of a delay on getting the guitar- but Pete, or Dave or whatever his fucking name at Academy of sound had offered to throw in a free strap and set of strings.

Where the fuck was the free strap and set of strings? I’m Scottish so that pissed me off. Being promised free stuff is good, not getting free stuff is a fucking outrage. Plus- the wee nut that holds the strap on was all bashed, fucked and bent. I WIS FUCKING FUMING!

Anyway it’s now thursday and a swap out has been arranged- the buggered guitar is going on Monday and hopefully a non-fucked guitar should turn up later on.




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