Breaking news that I missed while in OZ.

Turns out that I missed a lot of stuff happening while in OZ. Mainly the results of the A.V referendum, and the killing of Osama Bin Laden. That’s what is called being “out of the loop”. Australian TV and Radio was a bit shit on that score. If I lived in OZ I would definitely pencil in as an essential requirement access to at least the BBC and Radio four. Radio Four I couldn’t live without. It’s like a basic human right, I think that’s why I felt so disconnected all the time I was there. The wife’s sister picked up on the death of Bin Laden via Facebook on her mobile phone- on a day trip out in the hire car, as Lindsey and the bairn slept me and Elaine listened to shitty Ozzie celebrity based radio hearing fuck all of any worth about the situation. “Visit our website to hear more about Bin Laden”…fuck all use to intelligent human beings. Like tuning into Northsound one and expecting credible reportage. Yikes….what does Kieth Urban think about the death of Bin Laden they asked, I wasn’t even sure if Kieth Urban was a valid sentient human being. His music is trash.

The A.V vote was a shambles, even now I can’t believe it. I should belt the fuck up though, because I didn’t take part. It was well within my means to vote- we got polling cards along with cards for the local elections, and in theory it should have been possible to organise a postal/ delayed/ proxy vote. Didn’t give a fuck though. I voted Liberal Democrat, so I feel burned by them. It’s not really for me to say, but I think A.V was just too complicated for the British public to handle- the thick cunts….then we have the gall to lord it over the “Arab Spring” or whatever you want to call it- like we represent the pinnacle of democratic evolution. Total balls. This country is infested with morons of the highest caliber- and I’m talking about the great and good in Parliament AND the man on the street. Who said that thing- ” I’ve met the man in the street, and he’s a Cunt”- might have been Liam Gallagher, or John Lennon- whoever it was he or she was right.

We have the cheek to patronise and pat the heads of the Camel Fuckers and Rag-Heads as they shake off the shackles of religious fundamentalism in favour of Facebook and Youtube. Fuck…..the world is drowning in stupidity….The Dunce Democracy writ large my friend… least a good old fashioned Jihad has some sort of purpose compared to “Liking” a revolution on Facebook…

Sorry to mention Australia again, but you HAVE to vote over there, it’s compulsory- you get fined if you don’t scrawl your mark on a ballot. It makes little difference- they are mired in compromise coalition politics as well- with an imbecile figurehead to rival the glib empty headed non-politic’s of David Cameron. It’s worrying. The idea-culture of modern western liberal democracy has aborted itself to a spectacular level….a woulda-coulda-shoulda never really made it three month old foetus rotting in a wheelie bin…

I heard snippets, on the plane and in various airports that the A.V debate had turned into a referendum on Clegg’s comprimise….It was no surprise. I blame the press, I blame the media. I blame everybody. Would my vote have swung it? I fucking doubt it.

I like to imagine Clegg has a hard time sleeping at night, and his wife is constantly washing her hands, “Out damned spot”…etc, but I doubt it.

The Bin Laden thing fascinated me. I’m not making a secret of my sceptisicm of how 9/11 etc really went down, I don’t believe the official story, and I think David Ray Griffin tackled the whole subject with balance and wit in his book “The new Pearl Harbour”, do read it if you have time and can be arsed. Fuck it, if you are too busy to read just “like it” on Facebook if you want to appear edgy and a bit of a maverick.

The day after our road trip there was footage of American’s celibrating the vanquishing of the anti-christ Bin Laden. Like the execution of some mad old fart changed anything. He was a sad figure,



* I’m currently publishing old half finished draft posts- just because I can. That okay with you? This is one of them. A bit of a rant, but that’s what the internet is for Hombre.


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