Ploptop II, Son of Ploptop….a saga…oh what a saga….

New Laptop arrived today:

Ploptop II leaves Novatech HQ. After a slight glitch, I paid for it with a credit card that according to some Glaswegian fuckwit in a call centre I hadn't activated. I used the "Handy" RBS online activation service: Probably shouldnae have bothered.

YEAH! Bloody un-washed belt, I prefer dealing with Indians.

Recieved. That's my name right there. It went well, I sign for things as part of my job. I know what I'm doing.

I had planned on loading it up with UBUNTU. But…But…
I’m buggered if I can get into the boot menu.
All I get is a novatech splash screen.
Vista is going onto it so I can make sense of things.
I’m going to hit up the Novatech forum and Live chat technical advice the morn.
I’m sure it’s obvious.


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