Genius Loci- Libtards, Protestafarians and the Dunce Democracy

Fit like,
I’ve had a pretty good day. It’s a Thursday- and ( boo-hoo sad face inside ) I’m coming to the end of two glorious weeks of holidays. Today, because the wife was off to work and the glorious first born was off to his nursery I decided to chill it.
I’m really not good at sitting still. I did give it a go though.
I thought damn it! I’m just going to nae bother doing proper tasks. I didnae bother filling out that big stack of Job applications, I put the garden out of my mind, I gave up for the day organising University stuff and just did DAVID type stuff.
Don’t you dare DAVE me by the way…….
I’m no DAVE.
DAVE’s hang about with STEVE’s and MIKE-MIESTER’s.
Gadz min.
Hella state….

bigger room, better sound. It still sounds shitty though- 'cause I'm a pretty ropey singer, and a very basic guitar player.

In the afternoon I moved my four track and mic’s down to our living room and recorded a tape. Just messing about really. It reminded me just how important a room is to putting stuff down. I’ve been up in the Pink Room all year, and it’s pretty much a dead, flat acoustic space. Kinda like the live rooms at Captain Tom’s.
It was good for a change.
I enjoyed it.

In the morning I re-visited the site that cropped up on my Facebook news stream the other day.

All I can say is WOW!

First off I think this is a really good effort. It’s about ideas, and there is a lot of sensible talk. There’s a lot of opaque meaningless buzz wording and business type garbage but there are some worthwhile thoughts buried in there.

Do have a look.

I downloaded the PDF so I could archive it.

That’s just what I’m like min.

To be honest, I thought this whole- “what are we going to do with Union Terrace Gardens?” debate was pretty much dead in the water now.

Not so, it would appear.

well well.

Some of the great and good of Aberdeen have been typing up their tuppence for this.

A lot of ideas- some bad, some good. A lot of waffle, and some hilarious stuff.

It’s really going to wind up the libtards, protestafarians and alterna-gimps from the city and shire!

I’ll probably re-visit this topic as I have time to fully digest all the material….till then-



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