Not getting to play guitar. Withdrawal symtoms.

I may have mentioned we have the builders in. They are working upstairs, tearing down plasterboard and turning two scabby old bedrooms into two nice new looking rooms and a wee toilet. Work has been ongoing for the guts of a month or so. They finished the other day, a couple of days behind schedule but that’s nae to bad.

Now I have begun painting. During painting I am D.A.V.E.

Believe it or not this is the state of the room AFTER a heap of stuff was put into storage. I can barely see my guitars under that mess..

One of the main problems is that everything that was upstairs had to come down to our living room. That included all my guitars, amps, and gear. All that stuff is buried behind boxes and boxes of other stuff, wardrobes and a bed. It’s grim. I cant be arsed digging through all that shit. So all I’ve had to use is my battered old acoustic guitar- which was my first ever Fender guitar- purchased ages ago from Sound and Vision in Elgin. I also scored an awesome Marshal stack from that shop 2nd hand- but I sold it a few years to a local band guy to pay some Vet’s bills. Vet’s as in getting my Tom cat neutered not Vietnam Veteran.

Shit sticks.

So I am kind of missing playing electric guitar. I like the noise you see, always have- there’s something cool about distorted guitars, be it Fuzz, Distortion or Overdrive: all these tone’s give me a buzz.

I’m sure once all the work is finished I’ll crank out some noise.

Hiya Ibanez millenium destroyer! I miss you!

The long term plan is to have a wee recording space somewhere, I’d like to re-fit our basement but it will cost a fortune with the underpinning etc. So maybe the shed’s an option. It’s certainly big enough.

Roll on the return of the guitars though.



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