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HIYAH! —-this post is full of errors. My head hurts and I can’t be fucked changing it. XX.

I’ve been busy lately. So it’s probably time for some sort of an update on here. Mainly I’ve been working. I work on a huge retail slave barge moored down by the harbour. Many drones work there, upon many barges- there is the Apple barge, it’s gleaming white and stylish, there is the Hollister barge- dark and brooding full of the shouts of drones banging into things in low-light conditions, and many more- all bobbing in the waters of the Union Square compound.
They pay me shiny things and fur. I do not enjoy it.
Apart from that life has been the usual.


I have however been trying to write a bit more- specifically to chuck some ideas at the write club I have joined on the Facebook.
It’s been fun, but I’ve tried to write a super power story and it’s all gone a bit off-tangent. I’ve been trying to dedicate around maybe an hour or so a day to bashing the keys with this project in mind, and so far it’s working- I’m getting there, it’s not polished by any means but it’s giving me something to aim for. I just wish I had a little bit more free time…..but don’t we all? Anyway, I’ll no doubt post some jumbled text on here at some point if the story takes on any life…..

I could be doing with not having a job. That would be great. Thing is I really have become used to a regular monthly payment of shiny things and fur so I’m a wee bit stuck in a rut. Maybe my Alchemy experiments will take off. Ech!


I’ve been reading a lot of the usual garbage, sci-fi, religious nonsense, the Bible ( I’m still busy highlighting all the bits about the anti-christ and veiled references to buggery) and I also read a freebie from work. The Castle in The Pyranees by Jostiern Gaardnurr- it was good, apart from the kind of silly ending but I enjoyed the central argument. The clash between a science worshiping rationalist and a mumbo-jumbo believing religo/spiritualist was fun. I’m niether 100% down with Richard THERE IS NO GOD Dawkins or those religious nutters. I do think science needs to get off it’s high horse sometimes, it can be in danger of impersonating the Medieval Catholic church- INDULGENCES THREE FOR AH POUND!……..there was some guy on Radio four who was banging on about something he called “neuromania”, which roughly meant that we are just cells and mechanism- and we can be broken down and understood. Science illuminates every corner, he maintained that this was a form of dumbing down-swapping one dogma (religion) for another (science) and I agree. Theres more to humans than that, but mainly I agreed because he found Brian Cox annoying. (everything is AMAAAZIN’!, but not his involvement in D:Ream- which I class as a war crime.)

Anyway, I digress….It was a good book. Silly Stephen King type ending though*.

DEAUS EX MACHINA. Ken fit a mean? I also finished “Man Plus” by Frederik Pohl, yet another Sc-fi nugget from the huge box of books I bought ages ago for £30 off e-bay. That box was a bargain, it’s really kept me in good books, that and the “start the week” podcast from Radio 4. I really enjoyed “Man Plus”, good idea and a tight bracing pace.The basic idea is simple- rather than using space-suits and space craft to make the big red planet habitable, they decide to customise and alter a man to survive on Mars like it was his natural habitat. Cool eh?  If you like the stuff  I like you should get a copy. I also liked “Drunkards Walk” by him as well.


Yup, again? Why me? I really can’t be arsed** with it. I know it’s part of my civic duty- but last time was a real pain. Talk about small minded dull Aberdonian’s- some of the Jury were actually retarded in my opinion and positively proud of being so ill informed. It was almost as if everything they said had been lifted from the Press and Journal or the Daily Mail. Well this time I might not even get selected- especially due to my reputation as a Maverick. Last time it was Drugs, maybe this time I’ll get a murder or something. At least the meals at the Restaurant on the Castlegate were good. La Lombardo’s is gone now though so it might a case of two meals for a fiver at Archies. (classy? me? deffo!)


Well she’s gone back now this morning. I’m off work due to gardening injuries, and this morning she was getting all packed to go when a force 10 E.T calamity struck…no Passport! NO FUCKING PASSPORT!….it was very stressful…I hobbled out to the bin to search through all the bin bags- complaining all the while because my foot is fucked, not to mention various scrapes and bruises. I  keep finding new bruises. It’s horrific. Anyway long story short the Passport was at Elaine’s mate Fiona’s house. She made the Aberdeen flight- but even I thought I was going to have a breakdown….I did feel a bit like a Tabloid journalist during the bin raiding- made even worse as the bin truck edged slowly down the street towards us…………………


Last week I was on baby escort duty- taking him to nursery and picking up. The wife was ill with something, I can’t recall the exact nature of the lurgy. On friday the baby got bit. I’m going to have to teach him the famous Rumsfeld approach- the infamous “disproportionate response”. I always had misgivings about sending little Mckenzie to a mink-infested nursery. Some of the kids have Lacoste trainers for fucks sake….


Should probably sort that out…been feeling a bit mortal lately….


* I really don’t mean to disrespect S.K with that. Fuck min, I love Stephen King’s stuff- I grew up on it. His book’s are my Classics- part of my alternate cannon- that and Frank Herbert’s towering Dune and it’s sequels. But. There’s always a Butt. Sometimes Stephen gets lazy- Like in “Needful Things” the ending is just a let down- the book is great fun,brilliant plot- reads like a movie- but the ending is gash- and a bit silly- even Ed Harris looks a bit confused in the film adaption by the end…and Ed Harris is awesome- seen the Abyss? enough said…Pollock? etc. I always end up reading at least one S.K book over free time during the summer, either that or some James Herbert…I’ve not bought anything new by S.K since “Cell” which I couldn’t finish. But the old stuff is great. He’s a powerhouse. Respect due. I still have images floating around my poor brain from Pet Semetary- particularly the way he describes the deadfall climb…..

** I could have said “hooped”, but I didn’t. Resisted the urge to sound street.


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