Broke. Broke by McKenzie, at least it wasn't one of the Denby plates- that would have been a real tragedy.

Well that’s my holiday week officially started. I finished work on Thursday morning at 8am. That was night shift. 8pm-8am from the Sunday, all hands on deck for a big move of fixtures at Hobbycraft. It’s all secret- I only glanced at the blueprints in the office, and to be honest I only barely grasped the magnitude of the schematics. It’s well above my pay scale to care. The night shift was blighted by internal bickering- pitching night shift and day shift against each other like the forces of good and evil. I think I work with too many women. Much pointless bickering and the like. Politics and piss.

I may have mentioned that getting into the schedule for night shift was relatively easy, I’m okay at staying up late. The flip-side was worse. The come-down. It’s taken a while to sort out my sleep pattern. My folks came in on Saturday, to visit the bairn and to take us out for something to eat for the wife’s birthday which is actually this Thursday…when I’ll be attending my first write club meeting and maybe hitting the remnants of a leaving do for folks at work…so maybe Lindsey will be fine with it. Maybe not. I was up all night on Friday night, watching the west wing on actual legitimate DVD and other stuff…so by the time we got out I was feeling decidedly odd. I had one bad glass of cheap under-class wine and I was snuzzled, head spinning with tiredness….issuing grumpy non-committal half  arsed replies to questions….awful….needed to sleep BADLY. Still, it was cool- we didn’t hang around- back home Mum and Dad dutifully bathed the bairn and I fell asleep on the couch.

My dreams during this period were strange and disturbing. that’s all I want to say about that.

I’ve finally moved all my guitars into the spare room downstairs. And, as if by magic my old amp has suddenly started working. It’s really, really loud- probably far too loud for a residential area. Good fun though, my mini-marshall stack just sounds loud. A real audio illusion. So I’ve been having a bit of fun dusting and tuning up guitars, chaining pedals and searching for that elusive new sound……

Here are some pictures to lighten the mood.

shoes #1: my workboots. They hurt my feet.
Shoes #2: nice new shoes. I'm going through something of a sartorial mutation.
Shoes #3: slippers. It's been all go on the shoe front round here. These are nice and comfy. Slippers are mandatory due to the harsh new carpet regime.

I’ve lost my watch somewhere along the way.*

Today we took the bairn up to Hazlehead park- it’s pretty good as public parks go in Aberdeen. It’s not quite as good as Duthie Park, which is great simply for the Winter Gardens. I like a visit to the wild west zone, giant Cacti and gravel.

That’s about it for now. I have to concentrate on generating some feedback on folk’s writing for the secret coven.


*I remember having a bath at some  point- maybe thursday night? the watch was present. Now it’s not. I think I had it on Friday night too- I remember running my bulging veins under the cold tap in the bathroom upstairs at some un-godly hour. I think the watch was there. Fuck knows min. It’s a mystery. WHERE DID YOU LAST SEE IT?

fuck off.

I was just on the phone to my Mither- amongst other things, my watch has turned up- in the back of the Rav.4.  Fuck sake min!


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