Why are they all the same shape? Flat Earth theory……

Night shift.
Was great fun this time round, no disrespect to the Baz-to-the-gee-to-the-Attridge but it was pretty good fun this time round without the Britney Spears soundtrack and the Disney hour…
what’s really good about night shift at my work is the obvious- the lack of customer’s. For someone that works in retail I’m incredibly intolerant of actual humans. I fucking hate people, and I hate people that come and ask me daft questions even more. Working at Hobbycraft is okay generally- the working conditions are good for me, the only reason I took the job was that it was 9-5 Monday to friday, a situation I’d found really hard to achieve in other 24/7/headless chicken retail outfits. At my previous job at Pagazzi lighting I very rarely got two days off together barring Holidays. The justification for that was the whole “If I get treated like shit so will you”, I saw that in action as a a new manager started at Pagazzi. Alan was a really nice guy- not particularly excellent at his job, but retail management is about diminishing returns, and hiring people that can talk the talk as opposed to doing the job. Well that’s my experience so far. I’m usually right as far as things like that go.
Trust me.
Why were we night shifting? I have no idea, mainly the usual….something about the shop being a “shit-tip”.  On the last day/night of the three day/night run of night shift I found myself ranting a bit- about why all the area manager’s in retail are interchangeable – they all have the same body shape. Being blunt, ( it’s what I’m really good at) they are all pretty fat cunts. ——What was that story in the news the other day about women finding men attractive even if they are fat bloaters if they earn enough money- the body mass index versus the salary index?
Kim was convinced that there was some sort of ghostly presense in the building, I did think I heard a woman speaking a couple of times- but I reckon it was probably the lift taklking to itself, either that or it was a ghost. On the last night of it all a shelf mysteriously threw itself of it’s brackets.
Spooky shit min…..
Apple Messiah Kick’s Bucket.
I’m not actually glad he’s dead, but Jesus that guy got on my nerve’s. Even the clothes he wore drove me mad, he was just annoying, right? Just an overconfident hipster fuckwit, selling crap overpriced technology to eager gimboids. The whole “Apple is better because it’s more expensive” thing is just bullshit- plus everyone knows the game changer for Apple was the ipod- and the genuine inventive business coup of convincing record companies and artists to get behind a digital music store in the wake of the file sharing boom. Napster Vs. Metallica anyone?  The whole thing about looking in the mirror every morning and asking yourself – If this was my last day on earth would I be happy doing what I’m going to do today? Christ, If only us mere mortals had that luxury. Apple fanboy’s and fangirls get on my nerve’s as well- those ugly twisted orgasmic grimaces as they parade fetishised devices newly purchased from Apple shops are truly disturbing. All you did was purchase an over priced item of technology dude, it’s not like you cured fucking cancer. The Apple fucknut: It’s a state of mind I’m just not comfortable with.
Plus, I hate my ipod- the only reason I bought one was the sheer size of the hard drive- I used to love my Creative Zen. It was great, easy to use- easy to dump files onto- that awesome drag and drop style, and it wass FUCKING LOUD. I really resent the whole restrictiveness of the ipod- you can’t get stuff off it, so you can’t plug you’re ipod into someone elses laptop or PC and share some music, no way. How shite is that?
They worship him now, like some sort of Messiah- the latest software upgrade on Iphones apparently is glitchy and full of issues, mainly due to Apple servers being overloaded- but Apple afficionadoes see this as the beginning of the end- just because Job’s is gone.
Vonnegut thinks more clearly.
Job’s says forget about the past, don’t settle, and the person you were 20 years ago is dead.
In one of Vonnegut’s stories these extra-terrestrials see the human race as long slug like beings- stretching from birth to death like eerie snakes. ( reminds me a little of the new Facebook timeline- imagine if you grew up with facebook- your whole life would be there in the digital realm, photo’s uploaded by your parents, school, college, University, work, the nursing home, death……how grisly……would Facebook preserve these life collages? I read recently about a family pursuing Yahoo or Hotmail for the password to a dead relative’s e-mail account, simply wanting to preserve the dead’s words and communications- which I suppose I can understand a little. Turns out that if your hotmail account is inactive for a period of 90 days it shuts down. I just thought that the company was being oh so very un-human about the whole thing.)
The washing machine was more important man!
Mac operating systems are pretty close to the Linux Kernel, of which I’m a massive fan- it’s free and in keeping with the share and share alike peer reviewed open source ethics that kick started the internet.
Profiteering and added value can just stick it’s head up it’s arse and fuck right off.
Apple as a prestige brand. It’s a fetish, unrealistic expectation. Apple works because it’s self contained. But, eventually things will have to change. Like the whole lack of flash on Mac systems- that get’s very infuriating.
I remember one of the thing’s that really made the my understanding of medieval Christianity was the idea that it was a valued brand to people- in the same way that you see people in the third world wearing hand me down nike t-shirts with pride, that I think is part of the appeal of Apple products- they say a lot more about the person consuming them. I call them Apple fuck wits but that’s just me being a bit of a curmudgeon.

Skull purchase.1

From time to time I get these urges, sometimes they are not that strange- for instance re-registering on popular cock-fighting website Aberdeen Music, Trying to write “proper” music, getting out of retail and doing something worthwhile. Most of these thing’s are passing phases of a decaying mind. I think eventually I’ll get into a job that combines my earthy brain power and way with words and all my core skills along with not being paid a shit amount of money. I endure some pretty harsh economic conditions- but I just get on with it. It gets harder when you have kids. I hardly ever mention my son on this blog- I’m pretty sure why this is the case, he’s interesting to me and my wife and our family network- he’s just another rug-rat to innocent by standers. But, when you have a kid things get very serious. Not in the day to day sense, but long term issues become important. Sustainability, employment issues etc.
The actual shit-eating boredom inducing stuff.
Fuck sake….
Suicide in middle age. Part of the problem of night shift was listening to a lot of Radio 4 podcasts.

Goodbye Jazzmaster.
See some earlier blog post’s  for details, I’m having yet another down-sizing of guitars and recording gear. First to go was my candy apple red Jazz Master guitar. She/He/It disnae get much attention nowadays, not since I got one of them Blacktop Jazzmaster’s. It
Flat Earth.
The world is Flat Thomas L. Friedman. Wiki entry here. The dirty Jew bastard. I’m not entirely sure about his ethnic origin- I’m just assuming he’s a Jew. That’s just me though.
Why are they all the same shape?
All of them are fat cunts. Do fat cunts rule the world? Discuss…..
I think they do. Fat Baldy cunt’s are always in charge in my industry. It’s hard to swallow, a bitter pill. They wind me up the fat cunts. Thick fat cunt’s.
Oh dear.
Writing: actually doing stuff.
Song’s mean a lot when songs are bought.
I’ve been listening to a fair bit of Pavement. I’d forgotten just how good a record that one with “cut your hair” on it it. Still cant for the life of me recall the name of the CD though….
Ubuntu 11.10 on both Computers.
I had tried out a beta version of the new version of Ubuntu on the laptop, it worked pretty cool. The main issue for me was whether the on board music player would be able to look up the details of cd’s. This has been fucked for a while, I won’t bore you with the details but yeah- in the new version of Ubuntu the cd look-up facillity works fine. I’m still in the middle of ripping my cd collection, It’s taking fucking ages.
How to back all this up. DEJA-DUP has a limit to the amount of data that it can handle- which I found out recently. Would I be better just archiving the files as a TAR/ZIP file and doing the whole thing manually ? Probably…….
Cutting out the bullshit.
Samey bollocks.
Writing in Open office before hand: a new way of doing the same old same old.
I’ve thought about it before, but it makes sense. I don’t really like using WordPress that much. It’s very easy, and really convenient. But I get more done in a word type environment- well at the moment I’m using Libre office- which is pretty much like open office- which comes bundled with Ubuntu. It’s just better. I don’t know what’s happened to Firefox in the latest release of Ubuntu- everything else looks the same- apart from the font size while typing into WordPress- It’s so small I cant read the fucking thing. It’s probably for the best- I want to have some sort of record, and I really miss having my own web-space. At the moment though I just can’t afford that kind of luxury.



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