Cathedral, Earache ramblings part II

Things to give you an earache....a blast from the past. Part 2. Cathedral: bending time and space: plus cool artwork....

I have this inkling that this is going to be something of a long running series on this blog. I’ve got a lot of issues to work through, dear reader.

My ears are fine though- I’m not like that poor chap that actually killed himself because Them Crooked Vultures were such a bad gig. There’s a story in that somewhere…why didn’t he just drink and drug himself to sleep every night?……..true story, it was in the Mail…

This time, another seminal album in my poor life: Cathedrals “Forest of Equilibrium”.

How did I end up buying this? I have no idea, it was back in the day- I’m talking old school- back when there was no fucking internet- there were however things called “sampler” CD’s- roughly compilation albums- things to give you a little taste of music, to help you make up your mind if you wanted to put the money down to actually buy an album or a CD.

I suppose it’s hard to understand nowadays. There was no way of getting hold of this music, the other label I was obsessed with was Touch and Go/Southern studios- and often I would order music just because I liked the look of it. Weird eh? In a world where folk can download a pre-release leak of a CD, and often times use this on a “try or buy” basis my level of commitment back then is unusual. The thing is Touch and Go and Earache rarely let me down, I’m sure having a wee preview would have helped- but- good music should be like roughage in your diet- you should WORK at it. I really had to work at getting into GODFLESH- but in the end it was worth it.

People don’t really do that today, which is a total shame. It’s all About making an effort, and INVESTING. Gallow’s fan’s can’t even compute that sentence. I’m fucking HARDCORE you dick!

Anyway, Cathedral.

Ultra springy-boingy rubber band riffs, sploing boing spliff time. Cathedral are goofy, particularly because of Lee Dorians “Unusual” vocal techniques- but me I’m a fan of individuality, I like what he does…even the later Cathedral stuff is pretty good min.

“whooa! Let’s RIIIIIDE”….etc, he’s an eccentric guy, and Cathedral are all the better for his influence.

Look up the Wiki entry for details, there are connections with Napalm Death- but fuck me, Cathedral- and this particular LP were special. Bending space and time. Fucking SLOW- for me it was a total culture shock- but worthwhile in the long term. I worked at this shit, I found a space for it- along with fellow space-drone monster’s EARTH. Good time’s in the country…

I WAS OUT OF MY MIND…… a good way……..

I bought this on LP- a big Gatefold thing- which is totally understandable given the quality of Dave Patchett’s artwork for this CD- which is fucking beautiful. I don’t use that word a lot, but in this case it’s very true-


and a link to the website for Dave Patchett.

Can you believe he puts high resolution versions of his paintings up available for free download. Amazing, and such an open-source approach to making a living. I bet his paintings cost a fortune. I got some money for my birthday so I decided to get a big A2-ish enlargement of this painting and whack it up in a frame somewhere in the house. Even the bairn likes this picture…..



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