Christmas. etc

Christmas, etc.

Cthulu pendant, a new skull joins the family.

I’m not a massive fan of Christmas, I think it’s all a bit daft. I’m not exactly a big fan of J.C so I don’t really see the point in making a big fuss about his birthday.

See if he comes back? He’s going to be right pissed off. All those Crucifixes and the like- I’m not sure what he would think of the whole death cult that sprang up around his legend.

Still, it’s nae that big a fucking deal.

This year was pretty good though, the wee monster (McKenzie) is totally mobile now and is getting to the stage where he knows what’s going on. He was singing jingle bells the other day, which was right amusing.

My folks stayed over and we all had a pretty good day. The wife made Christmas dinner, demanded the “traditional” playing of that fucking Trivial Pursuits game- which I hate because I never win, even though I’m right clever.

So, aye it was pretty good. The T.V was shit though, I’m nae a big fan of the T.V really but christing fuckery there was some absolute shit on.

Last night everybody went to bed right early. Lindsey was out for the count by about half seven- drifting in and out of consciousness due to two bottles of white wine. Me and my folks sat through the middle Bourne film- but the ad breaks were longer than the sections of the film. It was a bit annoying. Shoulda just put on the DVD really. I drank myself daft on wine and then passed out on the couch. Jist, cause I’m a grown up now.

I left the telly on and at some point the freesat box went to sleep and the freview kicked in on the TV. Woke my mum up.

The last thing I remember was posting a picture of how drunk I was on facebook and watching that Avid Merion TV show. It wasnae very funny- I think he’s a bit of a sex pest, not to mention being a ginger.

Bad scene man…



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