New year: Goals. Things to fall by the wayside as soon as the real New Year kicks in…

  • KINDLE, and defeating the tyranny of Windows Vista…..


I don’t really go in for stuff like this. I’m not a “go-getter”, I think go-getters’ can get to fuck*. But I feel this year is going to be different. I’ve not really tried before. So 2012 is going to be the year of having a go at it….we’ll see how it works out.

My main objective in the next year is to do a whole lot more writing, not blog postings like this- which are easy work- but to actually finish some fiction. It’s been a while, I don’t fear the blank page but I just don’t seem to have the time to write. It’s not hard work: the stories come quick, in a flood- a deluge of white hot words and typing- but this next year I want to get paid.

Music? Yeah, I want to do a bit of that as well…I miss playing gigs, I miss getting on stage- so I want to do a bit of that- I might even get round to having a jam with that Martin guy….

Third thing: a new Job, possibly some sort of career.???

Och, I can’t really be fucked with this.

I’m away to pick a story that I’ve been trying to finish and have a tinker about with.

What else is on my mind? The Kindle caperage.

My wife bought me a Kindle for my Birthday- initially I was a bit pissed off- money is tight and all that- just like that fucking classic Simply Red tune….so I thought it was a bit expensive to get as a gift- I was like = “How are you PAYING for this?”. I try to keep to a pretty tight budget- It’s years since I splurged on my credit card. I have bought a laptop and a new guitar in the last year- but that’s being paid off slowly and surely. I used to just buy day to day stuff on my credit card- getting cash out of the machine- really not a good idea….but I’m all grown up now….

What about the Kindle then min?

It’s actually a lot better than I had imagined. It’s not hard to use, and although the Kindle store is a bit shit I was overjoyed about the idea of e-mailing stuff from my PC/ Laptop…..including Gutenberg e-books. There is an experimental browser on the Kindle- but at this stage its a bit glitchy- it’s okay but it’s a lot quicker to download stuff and e-mail them.

I’m quite impressed. The shit browser and all that- makes it easier just to read. That was one of my problems with an android tablet, I would end up just looking at porn or facebook.

Another wee detail- you can e-mail word files to your Kindle and it converts them to Kindle files.


Well worth the money..




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