Copy and Paste from Open Office….

I’ve just noticed this:

If I type up this post in word first, I can add formatting and footnotes etc.1


Isn’t that just great!


I have no idea what’s happening in the world at the moment. I’m on holiday for a week- right through Christmas and the New Year, It’s been good so far but I am kind of looking forward to going back to work after the weekend.


What is going on in the world?


I have no idea, I’ve not seen the news in days.


Android phone update: the other day my phone decided it could do with an update. This was a bit of a faff really, involving switching it off and then plugging in the USB cable and holding down a button at the same time. Very tricky.

I nearly lost my mind there for a moment….

Its okay though, the new operating system is a pretty good upgrade- and YE GODZ! It now supports Flash- for all that is good for. ……


The stony ground of Merseyside….It’s in the papers and everything….







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