Nithin’ Deein’ min

Nithin’ deein’ min……

Well the new year has arrived, just like it always does. Like a stinky unwanted relative, just fucking rocking up and bursting your bubble. It’s a kind of uninvited ritual for me- I was listening to Radio Four the other day, I think the actual segment was “Thought for the Day”, which I’m sometimes up and awake for- even when I’m not working. Anyhow- thought for the day is usually a bit banal- nothing really important is said1. This time it was some religious bell-end talking about what it means to be wealthy. I’ve never really understood the whole JC thing about money- about the camel fitting through the eye of a needle etc. Money, then is a bad thing- but organised religion is all about money. Sometimes, if the Cbeebies channel isn’t on or something worse- like the Mentalist or CSI I like to watch some of the Evangelist stuff that’s available on Freesat- It’s very amusing, very theatrical and a bit dirty…….

I’m back at work now, I had a week off in between Christmas and New Year- and after a few days it was all starting to get me down, I was getting cabin fever- a lot of sitting about. Part of the problem with child rearing I’m finding is that a lot of it involves doing nothing. I’m a bit of a fidget- so sitting still is a bit of a struggle for me. Don’t get me wrong, now that the bairn is fully mobile and battering about he’s a lot more interesting- I found the whole “chimp/baby” phase extremely gruelling while it lasted- but you have to fit things around the offspring. As much as I’m as pains to admit it I found myself a bit hammered late on new years eve/ new years day actually LAUGHING at the comedy genius of Micheal Macintire. (check spelling min!). He’s not that funny really but his schtick involved the joys of children, and a lot of what he said was (forgive me) fucking SPOT ON!. It’s a struggle, and you loose a lot of sleep- and it turns you into a robot. I like what I say to folk who wax lyrical about sprog building- “all you have to do is keep them alive”- that’s pretty much the whole thing. The whole worry about Schools and stuff is for middle class fuckers, allegedly: but I have my thoughts on that subject…..probably now isn’t the right time or even place.

Dunno, I’m sure it’s bound to improve. As it stands it’s really hard to get anything done. Saying things like that is a bit twattish though- the main problem with all the sitting around is the fact that my Job is so boring, honestly retail is never going to challenge a guy like me- I used to manage okay, I would tooter through the day and “leisure activities” would make up the missing chunk for my soul- stuff like drawing, making music and writing. Nowaday’s it’s tough to get time to do stuff like that- I’m not complaining- it’s a good trade off having a kid- but I am complaining a bit- if you know what I mean…..

Christmas etc, has really affected McKenzies’ routine- in particular the whole going to bed without a struggle before midnight type thing. I suppose I should be grateful that I’m on straight 9 to 5 shifts this week rather than starting at 7. Christ then I would be a total walking abortion. I suppose for his it was a big change- Grandma and Grandad stayed for two days, which he liked- and then Iwas off for a weeks holiday.

He missed them anyhow- every time last week when I summoned him by playing guitar in the spare bedroom downstairs he would turn up and say “granma’s beddy!” with a right serious look on his face then intone “GONE” and look sad, until he started the ritual of demanding the guitar pick so he could jam it into the big sound hole under the strings. He’s a funny wee bugger.

Well, well- rural S-I-G-H, sharp intake of breath, etc. In other news what’s been going on in my world?- nothing of real note. For some bizarre reason I’ve started typing up these reports in Open office before I copy and paste them into the WordPress dashboard. I have no idea why…

Work has changed a bit. I’m quite interested in seeing how things pan out in the long run. The big chief is leaving- and you know the old cliché : better the devil you know…I doubt it will really make that much difference to me.


After getting a little USB powered audio interface thingumy off e-bay around Christmas I have slowly started to go through the eight cassette tapes I put down in the last year, already it’s dawned on me I have been vey lazy, and un-productive. I’ve written very few new songs- and the ones I have are half finished and a bit shit.

I keep musing to myself that I should use the last two tapes to record properly, and I suppose that’s the real plan. I have been buggering about doing rough recordings on my phone when I have a spare minute- and that’s the way things should work I suppose- pen and paper first, rough recordings to get a bit of perspective and then nailing down the tunes to the best of my ability. Time and resources are a bit of a problem though.

I’ll see how I get on. To go along with the tapes I’m doing a little pdf. thing- with loads of rambling nonsense in it. Bound to be fun. I’m thinking of uploading all the stuff to bandcamp- just a track per tape, if the files arnae to big.

That’s about it.


1There was an actually interesting thought for the day a few day’s ago- it was unusually not by some religious dick- it was a CEO of some giant company- and what he said was really good- particularly in relation to this mythical global financial crisis…I’ll have a look for it on the net- but as I recall it it was about not being a cunt…living for the long haul and keeping in mind exactly what you are doing- he also highlighted that analysts and think-tank management consultants are absolutely no substitute for getting a gist of how things are happening on the front line of your business- talk about keeping it real… about stating the fucking obvious though….


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