Compare and contrast…Mr Kidd’s Ladybird artwork strikes a chord…


First picture uploaded with WordPress gadget for android. 2nd e-mailed and posted via laptop,. see any difference? 

Nope, me neither, reckon a bad shot is a bad shot regardless of quality.

And now some back story…

I was going through some of my old art stuff from college and that, chucking most of it out to make way for some newer shit- and I plonked this picture on the bed. I had no intention of throwing it out, It’s an original Simon Kidd artwork. The bairn woke up and strolled through- “oh! what’s this?” he said…”Ladybird!”….

I was quite impressed. “Do you want it on your wall?” I said….he thought for a minute….”Yes”.



well done there McKenzie.





4 thoughts on “Compare and contrast…Mr Kidd’s Ladybird artwork strikes a chord…

  1. LOL! Very cute.
    I forgot about that one. I think it was part of the ‘Insect Rock’ phase.

    We’ve only just started potty training, how has that been with you guys?


  2. I’m sure I have another one of your paintings- ranger breaks the bread, I think it’s out at my mum and dads though. Och, we’ve nae even started the potty training lark yet- although folk in the know assure me that boys start later. I suppose we should start!

    • Last week we had 8 ‘wettings’ in one day.
      We’re getting better now, she actually went on the potty a couple o days ago but she was still wearing pants and tights though. A minor victory.
      Stock up on pants/trousers, carpet cleaner and chocolate! We use chocolate as bribes.

      • I think we’re starting soon. I hope. He knows what the potty is, he just mistakes it for a hat or a handy missile. Boys are slower apparently!

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