Sunday 29th. Taking it easy.

The weather has been a bit grim today, very overcast and a tad gloomy. We all just sat about- the bairn engrossed eating crisps and watching c-beebies, the wife playing her spack-box1, and me aimlessly surfing the wondrous inter-web.

I’m amazed at the sheer amount of time I can waste on the net/web/online whatever you want to call it. I do find cool stuff.

Today I re-discovered a fantastic blog called “Other Aberdeen”2 it’s just a fantastic piece of work- full of interesting pictures and comments. Here’s the page that drew me in, all about the area I live in. In fact the march stone he talks about is balanced against the wall of my neighbours house. I knew what the stones were, but this is an interesting story.

I like the idea of this psychogeography concept,

……and through this blog I stumbled upon this really good, but slightly depressing documentary from a Mr Fraser Denholm:

One of the folk interviewed in the film was a writer that I’d heard of from Aberdeen- John Aberdein- and now since I have a Kindle reader plank I can get it from the Amazon store- I’ve downloaded a sample copy- to see if I like it min.

Nae a bad day for just sitting about.


1That’s what I call her Nintendo DS gadget. I don’t play computer games- I find them very infuriating- this stems from overdosing on coffe and playing Sonic the Hedgehog on a Sega Mega Drive. I blew various connections in my brain and brown stuff came out my bum. Never again.


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