Hey! I bought some CD’s!

HIYA! How's yer' backside holding up in the bug-house?

Lee Renaldo=Lee Ranaldo.

For years I’ve been calling him Lee Renaldo- my mistake, I apologise for that. Between the times and the tides is a really good CD in my book. I’m enjoying it a lot. No doubt people that are paid money to spout about music have been making the following observations: that it sounds quite a lot like his main band SONIC YOUTH, and that this is a bit of a laid back non-boundry pushing release, they also no doubt compare Lee to the guy from the Beatles that contributed the occasional song and lived on lentils. George Harrison is who I mean.

All this is totally boring. It’s a good job I don’t write for a music blog- personally I hate all that pish- I particularly hate the critic as God style of PitchFork review- I agree with David Bazan on that score*.

Anyway, I like this CD. A while ago I compiled a playlist of Lee’s songs from all the Sonic Youth albums I have on my Laptop. It was great fun- he really does write some belters- and he is pretty much the superiour axe-man in that band.

Swirly whirly in the city of ages- we shrink a bit where angels fall…..

I suppose I’m just getting to be a bit of an old fart, but I have a bit of a problem with Sonic Youth- mainly they don’t seem to make that much of an effort to make nice sounding records, which I suppose they do on purpose- just as they decline to use standard guitar tones…….erm, I’m getting a bit twatty now.

I’m impressed with this release, it’s as good as the solo work of David Bazan and Chris Brokaw. That’s all I can say- go listen to a few samples or something. It’s got acoustic guitars on it, layers of stuff and his Vocals are really nice.

I likes it min, double deffo.

It’s the current soundtrack to my walk to and fro work everyday**.

Spiritualized: Songs in A and E

I was pre-ordering the new Spiritualized album- Sweet Heart Sweet Light and realised that I’d been bad. I had downloaded Songs in A and E from torrents, I’d loved it and lived with it for years. I just hadn’t forked out some cash to J.Spaceman. There you go Jason- I’ve paid for it now. I ripped it in various lossless formats- finally settling on the Apple Lossless format. It’s a great record. Sweet Talk is pretty much the best anti-war song I have ever heard. Spaceman is on killer form on this record, and aye- he’s pretty much roastin’ all the time.

I’m really, really looking forward to the new record, the tracks that have come my way so far are sounding great.

Mark Lanegan: Blues Funeral.

This is another great record. Lanegan’s voice is awesome. This is a great follow up to his last solo record. I’m not counting all the other stuff he’s been on in a second fiddle capacity. He the man, innit?

I like the cover as well. Och min, etc.

Spiritualized: Sweet Heart Sweet Light.

Yeah, like I mentioned this is on it’s way. Roll on the 16th of April. Thanks to a promo thing on Amazon I got a nice wee MP3 file of Hey Jane from this record for bugger all. Awesome.

UPDATE: The other day I noticed that this record was streaming live from that hideously lefty newspaper the Guardian, so it was only a matter of time before some bright spark captured the stream and dumped it on torrents. So I’ve got a shitty low quality MP3 version of the album. Or have I? Who knows if this is the final version of the LP or not, Spaceman likes to play games.


*see the song Selling Advertising for details. It’s a great track: and the words are brilliant.

** It takes me about an hour. I wonder how far I walk. I’ll plot the route in Google maps and see. It must be a fair few miles a day. It’s about 4 miles-ish apparently.


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