Tattie Prep: A Bold Leap into The Unknown.


Have I missed the frost? It was snowing the other week- good job the crop wasnae planted. This gardening lark is fucking complicated. The weather can change like nobodies business in Aberdeen- sunny one day, hailstones and frogs falling from the sky the next. It keeps you on your toes though. Keep’s a body sharp.

I really am going to take a wild jump into the unknown here, I really have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve dug up a section of the garden- it looks okay, the soil is better than other parts- for instance there is an area by the fence that seems to be made up of chunks of concrete and small pebbles, maybe the remains of a pictish fort or a bronze age village. I don’t think that tatties will thrive in this kind of enviroment.

I’ve let some potatoes get sprouty. I say let, but it was more a product of buggering off down to England on Holiday. When I came back they had started making a desperate attempt to grow so I just went along with the situation. I have a wee basin full of them hard at work in the cupboard under the stairs. It’s nice and dark, which I think is the right kind of environment.


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