More of the same. So it goes.

Nothing really happened today. I sorted out my rather confusing Holiday situation, mainly it was confusing because I couldn’t think in a coherent fashion pretty much all day. Holidays sorted though. It’s not like I’ll be doing anything remotely interesting.

Still no sign of that bloody Spiritualized CD yet, I got so annoyed about it that I fired off a semi-crabby letter to Amazon. I say a crabby letter, I just typed in a box on the internet. I’m pretty good at that kind of stuff. Anyway the reply I got was either from poor outsourced person in Bangalore or just a really cunning automated response. I have to wait until the 29th of this month before they consider the CD lost. I have no idea what will happen then. Maybe Amazon will set a crack team of technicians on the case- or I’m hoping they just arrange to have another go at posting it.

Aint’ the modern world great? I suppose I could have gone to One Up on Belmont street and bought the CD, but I’ve not been in there in YEARS…I’m pretty sure that the shit banter of the staff would be just as shit as I remember it being. I remember buying a second or third copy of the first Stone Roses CD in there ages ago and getting into quite a twatty conversation with one of the staff. He was a right fanny, he had a fucking shit Liam Gallagher hair cut I think, obviously it wasn’t as good as Liam’s haircut.

My listening habits were pretty good today. On the way down the road to work I listened to Radio 4: John Humphries gave David Cameron a solid grilling, I could really feel the poor cunt squirming under every volley of questions. I’m not that keen on the current PM, my particular favourite was Maggie Thatcher, she was a fucking mentalist and just didn’t give a shit. Cameron is trying to be nice, which I’m sure he is- he’s just posh- and he should just get on with being posh. Admit it Dave- You’ve never done a real days work in your life, and more power to your elbow.

On the way up the road I started listening to Excellent Italian Greyhound by SHELLAC. A good record, I’ve not given it that much time- It’s just not up there with At Action Park in my book. Bit’s of it are a bit silly. But hell, Steve and Co make a great noise- I’ll forgive a slight slump as they all trundle into paunchy middle age- barring Todd Trainer of course, who looks like an animated corpse. In a nice way. After that I got bored and listened to some old band recordings of my own- to my surprise I enjoyed a bit of some obscure Sidca and bits of a Saint Maybe cdr. Nice stuff- but so long ago now.

The day is almost done. The bairn is watching Abney and Teal, which is currently his favourite TV show. I’ve downloaded a fair few of them from the BBC iPlayer site using this neat application called get-iplayer which runs from the terminal in Ubuntu. It’s neat, and the files have no DRM on them so they don’t expire after a few days.

That’s it. You can fuck off for now. I’m off to read some of the rubbish that’s farted through my letter box today regarding the local Elections. I’ll be asleep in no time.


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