Goodbye Home Brew Wine Kit! And other nonsense.

Ed Reardon SCORE!

I’ve been lifting most of the new episodes of the 8th series of Ed Reardons week off the iplayer recently but I stumbled upon all the other stuff on isohunt the other day. It downloaded real quick chappy. It’s a rare series.

The Local Elections.

I did, after a bit of a stressful time eventually manage to find out polling cards. I didn’t really do much hunting, they just kind of turned up. As it turned out I had cunningly hidden them amongst the growing pile of mail in our porch. The wife likes to refer to that area of the house as the “Vestibule”, which I strongly disagree with- but she’s quite middle class. None of the slowly mounting avalanche of mail belongs to me, well I tell a lie- there is the occasional dusty copy of Tape-Op, still unopened, and a new credit card from an account I am currently pursuing for return of mis-sold PPI. The majority of the envelope plague belongs to the wife and her sister who is currently located in Oz.


I have no idea who or what is standing. I do now know that the elections are next week- so I’m rather short of time to ponder each of the candidates and their respective ideas.

Research. Google to you or I. I eventually stumbled upon a list of candidates on the STV website- and managed to figure out which Ward applies to us:

Ward 6: Tillydrone/Seaton/Old Aberdeen
Number of members to be elected: 3
Norman Collie (Independent) Gina Ford (Scottish Green Party) Ross Grant (Scottish Labour Party) David Green (Scottish Liberal Democrats) Daniel Stephen McCroskrie (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Ramsay Milne (Scottish Labour Party) Jim Noble (SNP) Mike Park (SNP) Mike Phillips (Scottish National Front)

Holy shit! That’s more like it, my eyes are drawn to the final name on the list. The Scottish National Front? Bloody hell, that’s a turn up for the books. I remember the sad fate of that BNP poster on Great Northern road a while back. I really wish that I’d been on the ball enough at the time to take a picture as I passed every day as it slowly got defaced, some of the graffiti was outstanding. I also recall a pissed person trying to set fire to it. He or she may have succeeded, my memory is a bit bad on this score. I do remember they appeared in court and got admonished.

I’m not that arsed about the BNP really, I subscribed to their e-mail news letter because I’m a bit right wing and also like a giggle. But I think they are a bit pointless. I like the idea of Democracy, I’m just not that sure that certain people have the right to speak. I don’t mean the BNP and other extremist groups, I really mean moaning types who read the Guardian and just don’t have a clue about reality. Politics is meant to be fun, and you need nutters like the BNP, Boris Johnson and Gorgeous George Galloway.

The home brew kit

Well today the most horrible thing happened. That lovely parcel delivered to work by mistake is finally off on it’s rightful path to a certain Mr J. Dec in Tillydrone. The woman from Citylink came and picked it up. I was angling to keep it and install it under the warehouse desk. I’m pretty sure it would have really made a difference to the overall efficiency of the warehouse. I ran the idea past a few delivery drivers, and most of them agreed that during a stressful day they could all do with the occasional glass of the red.

Ach well.

Lanegan playes Aberdeen

I haunt this Aberdeen-music site, it’s not that interesting really but now and again it brings me nuggets of information. Like this: Mark Lanegan is playing Aberdeen in August. Great stuff, I really like his solo stuff so it’s bound to be a good gig. I went and bought tickets and everything. It was an emergency so I used my credit card. Bad David. I’m a bit bothered about the venue though, the place that it used to be Moshulu- was really fucking shit for live gigs. That might have been just the bands I saw there, but hopefully the place will get a proper re-fit before it opens up. Jesus that sticky carpet in Moshulu was a bloody nightmare min….also it was hoachin’ full of Goth’s and smelly Metallerz. It was grim as fuck.

Other shite.

Ithir sharn.

Not getting much sleep.

That’s life though, nae point whinging about it like some spazzy fairy.

Filling a tape full of noise: SIDCA noise ideas?

Rape as a sport at the 2012 Olympics.



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