Abandon all hope. Heading back into the Country.

This is on the road out of Aberdeen, we pass it usually on the way to the big glorious Tesco up on the hill. I like it, it always makes me smile. This is the first time I’ve bothered to try and get a snap of it. We were in the car obviously, but for some reason, even though we were crawling along at less than walking speed my phone camera went into action mode whatever that is. I was intrigued- so on the way back out to Glenburn rural HQ I took a few more car bound shots. Mostly of windmills- of which I’m a massive fan of.

Unlike the shots below this one came out normal, we got stuck behind a horse box lorry thing. Someone told me a horror story about one of them old fashioned horse box trailers being towed behind a car on the A96- probably it was an urban myth- anyhow, somehow the horses in the back were spooked and started stamping about, the floor was wooden and a bit flimsy and rotten. The horses feet went through the bottom. We end up with Horses being put down, legs all shaved down with speeding tarmac. Grisly? Yes indeed, If I was a horse owner that would give me nightmares.

Look at this! It’s like it’s been stretched and buggered about with on a computer, just the stuff speeding by that is, those glorious windmills are looking normal. That, my buddy is the action mode. I’m not sure I like it. It’s kind of cool though.

More wonky scenery. It’s making me a little motion sick looking at this stuff. There must be an obvious technical explanation for this effect, something that my poor brain can’t explain.

This one is more normal. I really like the shapes of the windmills. I might take my proper camera out tomorrow as we’re planning some sort of excursion deep into windmill territory.


Vrrooooooooooooooooom!: we were going so fast the crash barrier was bending, I blame that Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Higg’s-Boson particles in my jacket.



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