Darpet Wedding. Hazy min.!

Tell you what, I didn’t take any photographs or videos at all. I was just too busy, chasing the bairn about and then I fell asleep, just too buckled, ah well I fair enjoyed the day. Me old school friend and Darren’s buddy Simon took some cracking stuff on the day: here’s some of them that have emerged so far, and there were various official photographers operating on the day- I saw Darren and Petra the other day and the archive of digital photo’s runs into the thousands…..

We’re all still at Glenburn, taking it easy and stuff. It was a bit of a miracle that the weather held out on Saturday- yesterday and today the strange mist seems to have followed us out from Aberdeen. Darren and Petra had a good day for the ceremony and festivities.
I’ve been to a fair few weddings and this one was refreshingly different- in almost every way. A very individual and unusual sort of affair- but Darren and Petra are very strong minded and out of the box thinkers- happy to do things 100% their own way.
I had a few communications from the pair of them over the modern miracle of communication and bullshit that is Facebook- Darren hit me up to be a witness a few weeks before the wedding, and I was down with that. At least he wasn’t asking me to be a best man or anything-I wasnae keen on the whole traditional idea of best man speeches etc, it’s all a bit formal and a bit tedious. It’s tedious to listen to in my experience anyway, I would imagine it’s boring as fuck trying to be funny and coming up with tragic anecdotes about the bride and groom. Anyhow, there was thankfully none of that pish. I liked the fact the they were doing the ceremony up in a wee grove of tree’s up at the Lettach farm- kinda a great idea, as long as the weather held out…which it did.

Petra fired me various instructions about providing music at the ceremony, I was willing to give it a go- although I have bugger all holes in my schedule at the moment for cranking up my guitar and amp, I usually get one hour a week for that kind of thing!- on a Thursday when I finish work at 3pm and make it back to the house by 4 and the wife and kid arrive back from nursery/work at 5. That’s my window for playing guitar at the moment.

Petra outlined some ideas: Darren wanted a rendition of the star spangled banner- all wild and wonky- a bit more Cobain than Hendrix I suppose; which is within my abilities as a rudimentary guitar player. Petra wanted the opening riff from Donna Summer’s I feel Love – which I honesty tried to learn- I mean it’s a fairly simple riff- It was just too TRICKY, I also managed to get to grips with Wild Mountain Thyme – which was was required for the end of the ceremony, but then I forgot to take the computer printout with all those tricky chords on it out with me. What a fucking lummox!

As it turned out I was not really that needed. I had got it in my head all they wanted was a wee blast of music each as a kind of intro, as they made their separate entrances to the circle of trust. Anyhow, as these things go- everything went a little off the map. We all made our way up the road about four and things were in full swing. I headed up to the wee copse of trees to locate one of the happy couple- and ran into the Celebrant wifey- she was already a little freaked out- must have been bad historic vibes and bad energy coming from the black shed down in the close.

She though I was a musician, I thought that was funny.Usually, she informed me they had an actual piper to announce the arrival of the happy couple- but I would just have to do! Oh well- I really enjoyed the ceremony- particularly just watching the faces of everyone else as the woman ran through various new-age pre-Christian rituals. A big knife, etc- It was rare!

Anyhow it all worked out fine. I played a bit of the star spangled banner, I was wearing my new second hand 1970’s suit- so the setting up of the guitar amp etc in the wood was fraught with the danger of splitting my slightly flared super-tight trousers, but managed okay. I was surprised I made it through the day without at least one exploding button incident.

After all that we all buggered off down to the Glass community hall for a meal and a shindig. I spent a fair while chasing the bairn about, had a whisky- felt a bit sick, drank some wine- felt sleepy and then apparently fell asleep rather early on cuddling a box of red wine.

As far as I’m concerned it was a great day and I had a right good sleep.



4 thoughts on “Darpet Wedding. Hazy min.!

  1. Cool post! I’ve added more photies and developed a roll from the bulky black TLR box to accompany the digital IR point ‘n’ shoot.

    Are the millions of other photos online?

    • Love the photos you have up, really otherworldly, a few of them look like they were shot on a tropical island. Theres a few popping up on facebook so far. Darren has hundreds I think

      • hey cheers min. That’ll be the infra-red photos for you. I’ve got more on that Flickr set some are even in colour!

        I guess all the other photos are on F-Book. I left that place a couple o years ago, I had to ‘friend’ folk I didn’t like. On Twitter you can just ignore them.

      • I’ve nae investigated Twitter, I think Lindseys on it though- I’ll get her to follow you! how does she find you on there? I’m well out of touch!

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