The Project for the new Scottish Century: A question of Living Space

I’m pondering how Scottish Independence will work out: My mind is as usual going off at some strange tangents.

Stripping of assets, piles of Gold fillings forcibly removed at the border. A chip and pin terminal- all Credit Cards and Debit cards are scanned and emptied before the naked English are taken into the woods. Who would have thought that normal Scottish people would go along with this kind of thing. Would the English be the only ones to face this final solution?

Scotland returns to a very basic barter system, exchanging goods such as sub-sea engineering skills, oil and street fighting for goods and services. As the rest of the world succumbs to China’s money and influences post-EU breakup- and post the African proxy Wars between Germany and its sub states and BRICK. Scotland becomes a feared and aggresive failed state.

Re-instatement of semi-feudal Burghs. Aberdeen rises to dominance- following the anti-English pogroms internecine war is declared on the non-productive and dangerously stabby un-washed belt.

The project for the new Scottish century

Similar to the visions of the American neo-conservative think tank of a similar name: to be researched a little more.

The Project for the New American Century

A new religion for a new Scotland: The cult of the Supreme Being. – would a Scottish revolution be as blood soaked as the terror?

Doric sounded a little like the Spartan accent?


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