My pre-orders are getting out of hand: A New Will Self Novel: NICE

I should be writing all these pre-orders on my Calender, but next month is Elizabeth Taylor- I’m not defacing that.
This month is Ava Gardner- she’s easy on the eye.image

So far at Play dot-com: Mazower and Ferguson- Due October, at Amazon Will Self: Umbrella. I better tighten the belt, I’m over leveraged and over-exposed as it is. Harsh times, but a man’s got to have his books. Like a mink and his Cider they go hand in hand. I’m on it like dog-dirt on a jakey’s jacket.

Book’s man, they are important. I’m talking total immersion- better than films by a long shot. I’m a big fan-boy of Will Self- I started reading his stuff years ago, and as he’s got older he’s really toned down the whole grabbing of difficult words. I started reading his stuff and spent the fist couple of chapters feeling dense and thick- every second word required referalls to a dictionary- but I gave up and just got on with the fun once the story got going. My vocabulary has indeed been expanded by Will Self’s enthusiasm for strange out of use words but he’s a fantastic inventive story teller. Yeah, as far as I recall the first book that made me a fan was a collection of short stories and a wee tale called a rock of crack as big as the ritz – it really stayed in my head for absolutely ages- and as much as he’s a smart-arse I like him. I feel a kinship with him just because he read DUNE at a terribly early age. I didn’t make a success of my life like him though- I blame my mother for not sending me to a private School when she had a chance- a spot of buggery and latin would have totally changed my life man.


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