Attack of the drones:


Ah, the fast paced world of retail. It’s pressure man, all the time- some people will crack some will make it. It reminds me of my tours of duty in ‘Nam. I have the thousand yard retail stare- and you’ll have it too, man. My handwriting is nice isn’t it? I often think if I’d been born a couple of hundred years ago I would have made a really good monk. I’d spend my days swilling red wine and making wonderfull copies of the works of the great and good. That would have been a great job. Plus I would get in a couple of anti-semitic jibes no doubt. Yeah, INNITZ.


This my chums is a safety knife. Yes, a safe knife: an odd notion. It is possible to damage a fellow retail drone or indeed a customer with this fucknut-proof piece of plastic shit. Like the Kray’s you can achieve a Chelsea smile nae bother: jam safety knife in mouth at edge and CUT. It’s good fun. Ask some of my Makro Victims. I accept no responsibilty for cutting morons, they asked for it.





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