Coriolanus: Punk rock and not giving a Fuck!

You want me to be Green Day just to make people like me? FUCK YOU! I’M FUCKING SONIC YOUTH OR BIG BLACK AND YOU CAN ALL SHIT THE FUCK OFF!- this is a direct quote from the film brother.


I like to not pay for films, such is modern life. If I get a torrent download that I really like I’ll go get a DVD of it. That happens rarely. I watch a lot of stuff, the problem with torrent index sites like Iso-Hunt, and peer to peer downloading is it relies heavyly on what is popular. Popular is not always good. Most people are morons, and morons like shit movies. I’m not a student of film but I’m capable of enjoying trash and some quite cerebral stuff. Just don’t make me try and watch Apocolyse now will you? I just think its boring pretentious shite- and yas, I’ve even read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Shakes a Spear? The thing I discovered very quickly while being dragged kicking and screaming through Macbeth and Hamlet at school was that the language was hard work, wonderful stuff, but you have to work at it. That’s a shame because for me once you get past the difficult language and archaic stuff the stories are very basic and very contemporary. Much like Froissart’s Chronicles and The canterbury tales Shakes-Spear was the Eastenders of it’s day- although just a lot better.

I like stuff that requires work, not all the time but artistic endeavour that makes the listener or reader work is so much more rewarding. That’s why I like Nirvana and hate the Foo Fighters. yes, you heard me correctly I am a man of taste.


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