My ears are burning!

IVE BEEN RICKLING MY EARS WITH VARIOUS STUFF THIS WEEK. Mainly free downliafs. Im typing this on my phone while I bath yhe glorious first borb. I know its all fucked up, but im feeling a bit gonzo! This is what burroughs would di right? Cur and paste in the android age!

This is great fun
Prelude to the hunt

Love this record, free fae bandcamp. Beastin stuff. Its git some koop sludgy breakdowns on it, good grooves. Itz heavy tho,, LINK HEREZ TAE DIWNLOAR. I bought a t shirt, cause thet are ciok_ but the t sgirt desugn was nuce. See ne posibg with it aboce. FUVBER.

Battery face

Addamz famiilly values. Noise groove rock. Shellac with bouncy mushroom cockz. LINK HETE I really like the track “wednesday” with what to my ears sounds like a keyboard, all distorted and squelchy. I’ll listen more, maybe even over speakers. It’s good shit man

Mark flannegan
Its a gig. Lookin forrit to it. Wife is nae keen, so ive pubted the ticket to a work mate. EMBEDDZ 4AD SESSION U TUBE

Alex jones theatrical


Uri gargarins nuclear heart




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