Rangers, Hit with a big stick- why not Banking?

I have to admit my knowledge of football is scant. I don’t have any yunderstanding of the game at all, let me clarify- I understand what the game is, but I have no idea why it causes so many people to become so god damned fanatical, maybe it’s because I don’t have the same sort of personality disorder as the average fitba’ galoot. The talk at legnth, on TV players and management with the dead lifeless eyes of cold blooded morons- much indecipherable babble about tactics, passion and self worth. It’s true gibberish. I also find the whole passion thing odd- if they were so passionalte why don’t the fans own the clubs and the players play for minimum wage? Hmmm. I suppose I should be able to understand it on some level- I like to talk about music, all the usual stuff- the merits of punk rock, the idea of proper music and rubbish un-artistic music- It’s the same thing, but football is just bollocks. Likewise dudes, is the whole idea of the Olympics. I fin
d the whole thing a turn off- I’ve mentioned this before- but I find the whole running and jumping festival a complete yawn fest. I just don’t see the value in it.



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