Things were so much better in 2004. The Apogee of the Aberdeen Music Scene.

11-08-12 Things were so much better in 2004:

Editors note: This is half finished, the full article will be delivered at the annual conference of THE PROJECT FOR THE NEW SCOTTISH CENTURY in December 2012. Tickets are available now- guest speakers include Brian Bolland, Seth Labido, that woman from Radio 4 and the singer from Elbow. There will also be DVD’s available. I’m also trying to get Richard D. Hall to give a talk on animal mutilations and the truth behind the false truth of the out sourced cover-up of the moon landings now that that GUY has kicked the bucket. Grassy Knoll. Gassy Hole.

“I always found it oddly amusing being reffered to as mad dave from sidca, I can understand why lesser mortals and members of joke local bands felt this way, but I did find the whole lazy im in aberdeens answer to gnr or blink 182 equally mad. At least as lead vocalist in sidca I made an effort to be original and offer a new path for singers from this oil soaked fishing port. I remember watching jonny rub ma prick and his homeorotic pirates in drakes one night and thinking that whole pub rock thing was mad . Why bother to play along with already prescribed rules- the birthday party didnt bother with that, in rock or indeed punk rock the onus is on being and individual and playing too your stregnths . My stregnths were drinking lager shouting and rolling about on the floor.”
Remington blastcap . The peoples friend 2008.

It’s just a fact that music scene wise Aberdeen is now really dull. In this essay I will attempt to reason why this has occurred, using my recollections of the high point of the Aberdeen Scene, my thoughts regarding whether certain bands were any good, my authoritative opinions as probably the most successful musician hailing from Aberdeen in recent times, and thoughts and opinions of other people who agree with me. Obviously other people may have a different opinion- but they are so wrong it’s not funny.

Dear reader, there is only one worthwhile genre of music that is valid. That is punk rock. I will spend little or no time discussing the merits of “Indie” “Metal” or other weak minded forms of musical expression. Likewise I will discard “Funk”, and the celebration of the average- also known as “Pub-rock”.

The high point of the Aberdeen Music scene was the period circa 2000-2004. 2004, let us call it the apogee, and the cynosure of this period was my punk rock band- the awesome SIDCA. It is not a coincidence that the Aberdeen scene died when SIDCA disbanded. Without the example, and crucially inspiration to lesser mortals of SIDCA there was a lack of creative force- and quickly Aberdeen’s music scene contracted into the usual small C conservative hobbyist weekend rock-star cliché’s . And bloody chuggy-chuggy-widdly-wee type shit tuneless metal.

I will not discuss chuggy-chuggy-widdly-wee metal, I find it dangerous to get involved in this so called genre. It gets far to complex- and somebody always mentions either “Guitar Tone” or The Nazi’s. It, to me is counterproductive to saving the Aberdeen Scene. Which is my stated mission, to guide and help- with the benefit of my limitless resources and experience.

Fans and acolytes of SIDCA may like to refer to various books written on the band- available at Amazon and other retailers. A shrine exists in the basement of Cafe Drummonds to the band- fans have been known to travel thousands of miles to visit the shrine. Also worth mentioning is the so called SIDCA type genre, which although flattering lacks the raw energy and iconoclastic image- but indeed offers some material of value.

Perhaps SIDCA’s main mistake was being just far too “Punky”. This attitude was initially seen as a joke by established local bands- the issuing of the infamous SIDCA THROWING GRAVEL was a powerful statement of intent. But, as ever- the band were seen as a threat to vested interests in the SCENE. Despite touring with The Jesus Lizard, Shellac and Four Non-Blondes the band found it hard to get a gig at the best venue in Aberdeen- the Lemon Tree.

A soon as SIDCA began playing regularly in a dingy pub- people could witness first hand the raw energy and brain scrambling prowess of the band. Soon countless copycat bands appeared. Much like the grunge explosion of 1991 major labels were soon on the scene- offering money to talentless bands and never succeeding in luring SIDCA into compromise.

SIDCA never gave an inch.

As a forthright collection of acidic dicks the band also provided great interview copy- starting feuds with other bands, and crucially never offering “Positive Feedback”- this, is one of the key mistakes many bands fall into in Aberdeen. Being nice is pointless. Music is either good or shite.

“Of course, everybody refers ad nauseum to my technical virtuosity and groundbreaking use of harmolodic counterpoint, particularly in the marimba/ piano interlude of “you dirty bastard”, and I’m obviously humble enough to accept this adulation.

But it angers me that SIDCA aren’t credited enough, nor OFTEN enough, for their philosophical iconoclasm- much as Lefebre postulated a semantic shift in the politics of social space: so in my guitar work did I borrow heavily from Lettrism and the SI in reframing a sense of post-industrial anomie filtered via the Guthriesque “Everyman” and suggesting feedback as an allegory, a synecdoche if you will, for the less obvious resonances of the Jungian archetype of the Golgotha with the assumed function of the medial chakra. ”

Dr Ermintrude Mutilation, in conversation with Will.I.Am, “Jamie’s Kitchen Reacharound Chums” Channel 4, 2011.


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