Behind the Veil: An odd book.

I just finished a rather interesting book all about the London bombings of 2005. I am, I must admit a bit of a sucker for some of this type of stuff- I’m not an out and out “Truth-Seeker”, I’m definitely not as the disciples of Alex Jones etc would have it- “Awake”, but I’m a bit bleary eyed, considering going back to bed because the weather looks terrible. Part of the problem is the damage done to my brain by studying History- I have this irrational need for proof, good solid argument and crucially source documents. 7/7 Behind the Veil, is a well written book- it’s got the occasional typographic error- but that’s what you expect from niche publishing houses. I would recommend dipping into the wonderful world of You Tube before you investigate this topic further- the video that got me interested is one called The Ripple Effect by a fabulously bearded chap going by the pseudonym Maid ‘dib. Yes, the guy from DUNE. The messiah. It’s a good video, in a low budget way- a bit like that 9/11 film Loose Change.  Have a watch, if you fancy a more measured approach then hit the aforementioned Nick Kollerstrom book up. I’m still nae that convinced like, but he does a great job of sifting through all the evidence and asking some pretty disturbing questions.

As I was chugging my way through Kollerstrom’s book I was also battering through Mark Mazower’s Dark Continent depending which room I was sleeeping in. In a strange twist- a subject came up in both books at roughly the same point in my week. So, I’m going to investigate a wee bit. One title is from the same “way out there” publishing house as Kollerstrom’s book- which I’m a wee bit wary off. I mean, it might be a total load of paranoid nonsense. The stay behind Army. The Galdio.



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