Android ZIP: works like a dream

This is Friday night.

I’m not sure exactly why I’m finding it hard to write stuff at the moment. I’ve had a good week- on Tuesday I went to see Mark Lanegan play the new venue in Aberdeen – TIT Garage. It was dead good. It’s ages since I went to see a proper band, you know- not just some local bands. It was great stuff.

INSERT SOME Rubbish phone camera shots of the gig here man.

Anyhow, yesterday was okay- Thursday means that I finish work at 3pm, I toddle all the way back from Union Square, all the way through them shopping malls full of the walking dead- twatting away on their mobile phones and NOT GETTING OUT OF MY WAY. Christ, sometimes I feel like stopping in the middle of one of those cold, dead commercial spaces and shouting- “CAN’T YOU CUNTS SEE ME OR SOMETHING? FUCKING SHIFT!”. They definitely need to install pedestrian lanes for fast, slow, not looking where the fuck your going and aimlessly dawdling. It would improve my life.

Twat-rage aside, the week has been peachy-ish. I got home Thursday at four- which means I had an hour to myself without wife and kid being present. I tried to record some stuff but had no luck, I kept pissing about and needed to go for a shit. Musical time wasted on bowel burping. Oh fucking well.

What the fuck am I on about?, I did have an idea- but it’s gone and fucked off. I’m listening to Battery face. Free download fae bandcamp. It’s quality audio gear. Takes a few listens to get into though, so not for the casual cunt.


That’s it: the wonder of band camp and android zip. My current phone is neat, the only thing I really don’t like about it is trying to put music files on it. It won’t mount at all in Ubuntu, and I’m far to lazy to start pissing about with settings and stuff to get it to work. I find if it disnae work straight off in Ubuntu then you are on a highway to fuck all tinkering with it. I have dual boot on my main laptop so I just load up Windows and go through the whole pain in the arse that is getting sony’s stupid PC companion to open up the phone. That’s the only way to transfer files. It’s a right cunt. Even when it works it’s dodgy.

I was mulling this pish over, and browsing the new mobile friendly version of bandcamp and decided that there must be some sort of Android app to un-pick ZIP files so that I could skip the computer altogether. Turns out there is and it’s much faster than pissing about with file transfers etc.

Jesus, my phone is probably better than the first bucket of shit PC I had, how technology moves on min.

I downloaded Android Zip from the Google Play destination and gave it a whirl. It’s really easy- first I downloaded some stuff from bandcamp. Then used Android Zip to browse down to the download folder of my phone- I then instructed it to UNZIP the folder into the music folder in my phone. Easy as pissing. It’s much betterer.

That’s about it from me for now.



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