Amp Chat


It’s been ages since I played with a drummer. The last weekend out at Glenburn was sweet, but a couple of things struck me. My current little mini-Marshall stack sounds nice at home but it’s nae that great for sounding good with a drum kit. Especially with my brother behind the kit- he hits hard. So I wanted to find a solution. I scored a wee Laney combo off e-bay to shout though and figured that trying out a shitty White Horse 60 watt half stack would be good. For under 200 buck it should be okay, it’s basically a re-brand of another cheap and cheerfull amp that I really liked playing through at captain Tom’s rehearsal space in Aberdeen- the Hartke Piggyback.

Don’t worry, TONE is in the fingers.

I’m sure as long as it’s loud enough to handle Darren at half volume it will be fine. Worst case scenario I can send it back for 12 buck- cheaper than Hiring some Laney combo or half stack from some place in Aberdeen.

Yes min, valve amps can FUCK OFF.


The best Amp I ever had was a Marshall half stack- bought fucking years ago from Sound and Vision in Elgin. I Loved that thing, it sounded great. It was pretty cheap too- around 200 quid. I still managed to get some good noises out of it, even with a cheap as fuck Jim Deacon strat. I did spend a fair bit of time tootering around websites looking at those little power amps- like the Orange tiny Terror- but Valves min, never seen the appeal. Plus those little boxes look gay as fuck.

TONE talk leaves me cold.



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