I Quit!


I really like that Bros song. Bros were a great band, really gritty and authentic-plus there were brothers in the band, which I can like, totally relate to. A lot of that old music has aged badly. The other day I was trudging the grim streets of Aberdeen with my ancient i-pod classic on shuffle mode and suddenly out of the blue came a collection of the most offensive noises. It was Duran Duran. Duran Duran are great like, but it comes as a bit of a shock right after Steve Earle or Tom Waits. Very shiny production, I think the offending track was off Rio- a great CD- I really dig that spooky Chauffeur track- so much so that I covered it badly many years ago- yes, this was before I realised that I was among a select few to tackle this classic track- including Nu-Metal titan’s DEFTONES. Oh well.

I’m quitting. Not life or anything dramatic like that, but putting the Open University on hold for a while if possible. I just can’t carve out the requisite amount of time in my hectic schedule for it. yes, I’ve found time to write this post- but studying is different. Grabbing a half hour disnae work for me- I need to get to grips with my subject and really get into it. Can’t achieve that at the moment. Work/Life/Family. ETC. I’ll see how it goes, I’ve been consulting the OU guidelines on this kind of problem- have e-mailed the OU and also dropped a line to my current tutor so with any luck this will just be a little blip before I can get cracking. Ah-Yes. Modern life is fun.

Bums and stuff.

What else? More Amp chat……

I had no luck with that cheap as chips half stack, turned out they didn’t exist anymore…I ended up getting a wee Laney 30watt combo and a solid and LOUD as fuck Peavey combo from e-bay. I tried out the Laney with Darren last weekend-ish. It was pretty good, but eventually I stuck to shouting through the thing and using my mini-stack to play guitar through. As fate would have it wee PA system turned up for sale over on Aberdeen-Music for about 70 quid, I was tempted- but then I thought after listening back to our practice videos that shouting through an amp sounds SWEET. So I stuck to that. Decision/Decision.

Also: With all this jamming, Darren was noting that all my tunes were a bit samey, he tried to listen to all the demo’s I recorded circa 2010-Bundled here on Bandcamp for free download-but found my drum programming to be off-putting. He’s right though, I got a bit chordy, instead of RIFFY. We still have a big back catalogue of stuff to deal with- including my personal favourite collection that I’ve been involved with- Saint Maybe- “user’s guide to winter” strongest stuff we ever did in my book. We played an old song called “I break Rocks”, for the first time in years and it sounded great. Really SHELLAC/Nirvana-ish. Super. Still sounds LOUD and FRESH to my ears, which don’t really work that well nowadays. Did I mention Darren now wears earplugs? Strange days….

Anyway, just because my phone is now working I downloaded a wee free app called “Easy Voice Recorder”, to make shit demo’s when I get time. It’s nae bad- it does 16 bit wav’s which is handy to punt onto bandcamp to stream and download. So that gives me something quick to do. I plug my phone into the wee cheap ALDI PC speakers I got yonk’s ago and it’s fine and dandy for working our extra guitar bits. McKenzie likes to chuck his tuppence in- giving artistic direction – “that song is rubbish”, or “make bumpy road come on”.

All well and good.

I also bought a really cool hat at Tesco. It goes well with all my Jackets, it’s a bit country gent- but since I look a bit Jakey/smackhead it’s still pretty edgy….




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