$ $ 4-tracks only. Live. TAPE!

I had a terribly strange dream the other night and the night before, it woke me up the first time, the second time ditto. Then I was stuck staring at the moon for a while. Just for something to do I began pondering recording SIDCA out at the lair. I want to use my trusty 4 track tape machine, old school.

Four tracks is enough, right?

I’m thinking this:

I had this old Fostex while me and Darren jammed at Captain Toms years ago, it was pretty limited doing only two tracks at a time. The Tascam I have now has the luxury of four separate tracks simultaneously. The two mic stuff at toms sounded good, I have this beastin’ cdr of the last time me and Darren played together- I’m pretty sure that was two cheap ASDA mic’s panned hard left and hard right- it sounds guid to my lugs.

I kind of wish I still had my old mixing desk really, then I could build a big stereo mix of the drums and use two tracks but what the fuck. This is meant to sound basic and different. Otherwise we’d go to a studio and spend a heap of money and get bored.

So I suppose I could do the following- L/R room mics-that get’s everything and as a two piece we are pretty okay level wise, the last two tracks for Vocals through an amp and guitar. Capture the sound on the first two tracks, pan hard left and right so it’s nice sounding then add the detail of voice and guitar. Then I can add other stuff in the digital realm on the laptop or desktop. Yup. Sounds like a plan.

See How that works eh.

Gonna pack my mic’s and four track up top leave at Glenburn this weekend. I hardly use the thing since I started using my phone to record stuff.

I’m thinking we should record our current set, and ALL the goofy jams we play.

Bound to be fun. The loft sounds great even with a phone video camera or a video camera. So the sound is there.

Obv. if somebody wants to record us for free that would be cool, or if you want to give us a heap of cash to fly over to Chicago and make a record with Steve Albini that would also be neat. But, I’m nae really that arsed.



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